2 Brothers

I believe our story wouldn’t have turned out so bad if we weren’t such brothers, our universe much like others in the Eternal realm was ruled by one of The Celestial Dragon spirits of the entanglement.

Vomir’s power is that of the different creatures that populated his planet but of all those powers and blessings Vomir offered to his subjects none of it was bestowed upon man, for his place was below that of any other creature.

We were haunted by dragons and devoured by every other creature, those that rule the day, and those that rule the night. Our souls were broken and worthless to them no matter how hard we tried, many of us were captured in raids and hunts and sold as slaves and food.

Humanity’s cause was not paid any heed on Vomir, Not Even as the Blacksmith caused havoc in the realm of gods and that of men with his creations.

To make it even worse a man received a blessing from a universal goddess because of one of those accursed weapons, The First King of Men who won the Universal tournament, their actions even led to more violence on Vomir we were the pest of their society, so they treated us as one.

My brother and I belonged to a slave camp that was owned by one of the Dragoneer Lords of the Vomir clan, when we were younger our hidden village was raided and our parents were killed, they brought all the children from our destroyed village to the slave camp including my brother and me.

As years passed and we all grew in hardship and despair, many of us from the village lost our lives as food to demons or die in meaningless wars done by The Vomir’s Clan petty pitch against one another.

One the day our battalion was sent to out to spy on the  Fea, The Fea was of The dark creatures of the night who ruled the darkness, their reach was far and beyond blessed by The Fea Spirits, those who dwell in the spirit realm, the one true enemy of  The Dragoneers in this world of ours.

The Vomir Clan sent our battalion for the mission that day even though the rations were as few as they came or even though they knew they were sending us to our deaths.

My brother was getting furious with their antic’s day in day out, after all, he was older when they came for us, he remembers the screams and cries that filled the air clouded in the smoke that night.

Now here we are bound to slavery becoming one of their best slave teenage human soldiers, they needed us as long as we were useful but in the long run, we knew we were disposable.

When we reached the forest, we sneaked into their hidden fort, the trees we so tall it was as if they could reach the stars, and that covered the entire fort from the wretched sight of Vomir.

Upon our entry we all dispersed to carry out our separate missions, my brother and I were sent to carry a hidden scroll, since our bodies were small and hallow, they believed we could sneak around more easily.

We reached the room and successfully got the scroll, I was already too scared because off this mission it felt too dangerous even though it was going well, and no alarm had been tripped.

But as we were about to leave an open door caught my brothers’ attention and he decided to eavesdrop on what they were saying inside hearing them say the name of one of the Vomir Clan Lords.

I on the lookout was beyond cautious but my brother’s eyes widened with what he heard and at that very moment, the alarm blared across the entire fortress as legions of Fea appeared.

Of all fifty of us that entered the forest only nine of us returned, the Fea riding their wyverns massacred all the spies they found in the fortress and haunted the remaining of us, many of whom both my brother and I knew and cherished.

We knew coming back was hopeless but where else could we go in this no man’s land if not back to the Vomir Lords who enslaved us, and they, in turn, threw us in cages and imprisoned us for treason for not completing our mission as quietly as possible.

My brother became even more aggravated with the Dragoneers and what they did, they collected the scroll and realized we were no longer needed, he has always been plagued by that thought, and now it was evident we were no longer needed.

That night my brother woke me up and we tried to escape with the remaining, but before we could fully be free, they noticed our absence and in our escape, four more lost their lives, and it was again just another fleeting moment.

My brother was nothing but broken, but no matter which kind of distraught I fell into, I felt happy for the moment even though only five of us escaped that longing entrapment.

We escaped to the desert and hid within the mountains, it was so precise it was as if my brother have had the thought for a long time, later that night I woke up to my brother talking to someone but when I stood up completely there was no one and he was just talking to himself.

This is not the first time I’ve heard him like this, over the course of my eighteen years I’ve seen him talking to figure or to himself as I see it, I went and sat beside him as he just put his head down.

“Do you remember the promise I made that other time brother?” He murmured.

“When?” I asked.

“The day our parents died”’

“I can’t really remember” I replied looking at him in confusion.

“I said I would rid this planet of all other creatures but man” he replied.

I looked at him realizing I couldn’t even help my rage and hate for them and what they did to all of us, but I doubted the reality of them being erased from this planet, they are plenty and we humans were nothing but a few handfuls kept in cages Unless he found a way.

I thought about it again but at the moment I looked at my brother’s eyes, my eyes widened in shock realizing what I see in them and what he is willing to do for what he believed, quite unnerving his eyes held no doubt, and even if I doubted him when he brought out the supposed collected scroll I realized he had made the choice already and he wasn’t looking for some sort of compromise.

‘This scroll is the key to everything, it would lead us to the Time demon, and all our wishes will be answered” He said staring away at the scroll as I tapped him.

“Are you insane, Even Vomir fears the Time Demon, nobody dares speak about the Hakeem of Time, haven’t you heard of the stories they tell” I replied truly shocked and bewildered.

“I know and the Fea knew, that’s why they had the scroll, they were going to use it against Vomir, with the power of the Hakeem, They could’ve rewritten time itself, and this conversation wouldn’t have been,  we would’ve just been slaves to another master,” he said.

His words resonated with my hatred and my being, from that point, I knew we were about to begin a journey of lifetimes, and if what we wish for comes to pass, then our world would’ve become a world with no other creature except man.

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