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A god’s Fall and the Red Team

In a journey of eternity, boredom is a must. After years and years of walking around aimlessly, every immortal being has a time when he does something completely out of character. The beings of the immortal realm know this happens eventually but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a sin, just as it is improper for a being of lower status to aim for the heavens it is also improper for a being of a high level to envy his subjects but as you may know. Beings of all kinds sin…

In a rugged society without a government, an immortal roams around with an empty gaze, seeking meaning. As he walks around in a drunken manner on this moonlit night, he hears muffled screams coming from an alleyway. He stopped and traced where the sound was coming from, when he found them, he saw a man tearing a young girl’s clothes off as he held her mouth tightly shut

‘Don’t struggle, this will be quick’ he said in between disgusting deep breaths. The young girl continued to struggle but he was stronger than her

The immortal watched in silence, he had long lost his will for heroism. ‘What was the point to life?’ he thought to himself ‘maybe this experience would help her in some unknown way’ he thought again justifying his silence then he felt the air get cold

There was a loud howl and the rapist stopped, he started to sweat profusely. The immortal was slightly moved by the man’s reaction so he dived into his mind and found fear… the rapist was drunk so the only reason he was so boldly raping a girl was because of the alcohol

He immediately got up and dragged up his trousers, then he started to rush making adjustments to his clothes as he walked out of the alley in long strides. He made a quick turn to the right and the immortal followed him, before he could get far, a large red wolf pounced on him and started to devour him as he screamed in agony

‘Forgive me! I was wrong! Pleas-’ he was yelling before the wolf found his neck and with one strong bite, his neck went ‘clank!’ and the screams stopped. The immortal stood in confusion, he turned around and walked back to the alley. There, he found a woman dressed in skimpy attire covering only her bosom and upper waist. She was attending to the woman who was violated

‘It’s okay’ she said as she slowly helped the lady up ‘go home and try not to walk alone in the night’ she added and the lady nodded and left

The immortal was stunned, he approached the lady as the other one left and spoke ‘excuse me’

She ignored him

‘Excuse me’ he said again

‘You’re not supposed to be here’ she answered as her large wolf came around the corner. She got on top of it and turned to face him ‘we don’t know much about gods but I can tell what you are. Why are you defying your own laws? Is it because there is no one to punish you for breaking them?’ she asked with a cold look in her eyes

The immortal who was yearning for anything to hold on to saw something in her, her composure, beauty and elegance caught him off guard. He felt a tingle in his chest and the words escaped his mouth ‘it’s you. You’re the reason I am here’ he said

The girl laughed, she held her stomach and bent over trying to control herself. She didn’t expect that. This was the beginning of a great tale, one that would alter the fate of this realm

The immortal’s name was lost, it was one of the prices he paid for remaining on the lower realm. After his marriage to his love, he learned a simple way of life. The red team were a standing force within their small area, they maintained the peace and kept the people humble. His new wife was one of the main heads of the red team and she was very passionate about her job

Sometimes, her wolf would pick up a scent or sound and she would immediately get on it and leave. As her husband, he saw no reason to stop or hinder her from following her passions until one day, she came back half beaten to death

She tried to hide her wounds but they were too obvious, her husband looked at her with wide-opened eyes. Without a single word, he left her and the red team never to be seen again. Though after a few days, it became known, anyone who overstepped their bounds died immediately

Back in the eternal realm, a god was asking his friend why he chose to return so fast saying he could have enjoyed his time as a mortal for a while longer but his reply was simply that he couldn’t bear to watch them trying to carry a weight that was too heavy for them, seeing them try so hard made his problems and worries seem irrelevant and he felt childish.

His friend laughed at him and said ‘that’s what happens when you go into the lower realm. We realize how much easier things are for us’.

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