A Loner’s Tale

A Loner's Tale book cover
A Loner’s Tale is a story about an orphan named Kevin, a neighborhood villain who enjoys fights and little squabbles only for his unique character to attract the attention of a terrifying group of individuals who want him to carry on their legacy. 

The story kicks off with Kevin fighting off a bully who had decided to pick on him since he was new. He damages both the boy’s body and soul but doesn’t really show any remorse about it. Heading back home he encounters a strange man who offers to adopt him, he rejects at first but changes his mind when he sees the man has certain powers.

Kevin is thrilled by the idea of joining a supernatural society just like any young boy would be but all is not as it seems as it turns out they are more than what they appear to be. He is suddenly dragged into a millennial-long war of conquest between dragons and humans for dominion over the earth.

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