A Sailor’s Dream 2

What’s this feeling brewing within the depth of my heart, have I been forsaken because there is no future with me or have I been forsaken because I have lost my way, which kind of future did I think will be possible with a mortal like me, in a world of mystery like this a planet lost in the endless whoops of time and all that is has been stripped away within its memories.

Is this where it will all finally come to an end, the time we spent together haunts my soul and breaks my heart, your smile that I never thought to remember, your melodic voice that sinks my heart is unshackled from my mind, your gaze that held that thing that was unknown to me saddens me of all, the adventurous heart of a sailor knew nothing as such the cages the world love could offer, had I known I closed my eyes, had I known I never opened my heart, now here I am at the end of the road, monologuing an ode praying for your return, was that supposed to be the last time we will meet, how cruel and heartless of you.

The smile you had beautifully adorned atop your grace and ambience befitting a universal goddess such as yourself, your beauty overwhelms even the bravest of us all and enslaves thee to thy will, your greatness I wish I could match but I know even that is impossible and the soul bond was a trap by cupid to make us think love could exist between a goddess and a mortal.

I thought our bond was strong, I thought our bond was unbreakable, where you meet I complete, what you cherish I hold on to, have I been too rough, has my greed for power and adventure pushed you away.

I watch the Aqua Del Beti begin to vanish for the millennia and I know I would not live for even a century more and with the Aqua Del Beti gone, your way back to me is gone forever. I could’ve stayed there but you promised you will come back to me, you promised to never break my heart, now here I am at the helm of two worlds bleeding, broken, tattered and lost out of my mind having to choose between you who is gone from my life just like you appeared and my world and all those I’ve cherished, and all we’ve fought for my crew, my ship, should I leave all this behind knowing they all of it won’t live through the century in this changing times ours and the danger of our water planet has just begun to show its true self.

What wonder and mystery lie within this new world of ours, where prey begets prey and the predator is the universe itself, I would seek valor and seek greatness and if my journey leads me to decipher the secrets of my world, I will wait and stay and I will allow my rage for your lost consume my soul and consume my world and all that I have begotten from you I will rain upon my world, so let it be known that adventure will forever beacon the heart of a sailor.

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A Sailor’s Dream

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