Cover Art for A Sailor's Dream

A Sailor’s Dream


As the morning dew settles upon the rising tide of the sea,

The cool breeze of the sea sears upon our thorn skin and thorn lips.

As we sail through the sea in search of wonder and glamour

With eyes devoid of experience

As the silence of the sea deafens the heart and the soul

Only the crackling of the ship can be heard

When it beats upon the ice that laid majestically upon the seas

As the horizon of the sea beacons to our spirit of adventure

But the fear of the unseen and the unknown will always be adamant in the heart of men

But only in a world of mystery like this,

Can a sight like this be possible

So beautiful, so graceful

As she straddles on the sea with her nimble feet’s

As her hair cascades down in waves of green

Her eyes pierce the horizon with an unquestionable emotion

Beauty upon the horizon

As she stood within the realm of man

Graceful in her gaze

As she gazes upon the heart of men

Enticing in her strides

Captivating in her allure

Passionate in her eyes

A goddess in making and creation

Oh how I wish I could un-see what I have seen, but that just the plight of the heart of man

But the heart of a sailor is an adventurous one…

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