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A Tale of Eternity

A Hero he was, A king he was, Our king who sat upon the Dragon throne and was bestowed the Sword of Eternity which was begotten from a divine well in the realm of the gods.

The calm and straight statue of our king complimented the sword and his veracity on the battlefield, He was truly powerful, a man of great physique and superior intellect, who ruled over his people with a firm grip and a soft touch, he was the hero who saved the people from calamity and now he has become our king, he was loved and cherished by the people.

Our king who had it all Still yearned for one thing; true happiness and true love. For a long-time our king searched for the one who can tame his heart, a love pure and true in his magnificence, because of the sword of Eternity, our King had the power to see through the heart of men, so he knew those who had purity and those with ill intent towards him.

Our king who yearned for love finally found it in the heart of one who was from his enemy. Felicia was the daughter of the king of the neighbouring kingdom called ‘Rath’ after an increasing amount of warfare with our Kingdom, our king finally decided to end the war and call them in for negotiations, when the court of Rath came into the palace and with them striding their Princess Felicia, beautiful and stunning she was, graceful was she in her personage, a stoic woman that piqued the interest of our king; but inside all those who came and what they came with, our king knew all that was in Their Hearts and all that was their soul, so our king knew they would try something but our king never cared for he saw what he wanted in the heart of the princess.

Our king and Felicia grew closer with the passing of time, their love and passion blossomed into the most beautiful and Enchanted relationship in the whole of the kingdom, the people envied them because Felicia was the princess that truly emanated the will of a queen who had the strength, calibre and mindset of one who could rule beside our king, the court of Rath attempted to assassinate our King, but they never succeeded because we who were his knights in honour and making protected our king and kept the court at Bay.

As Time passed Felicia knew they had to succeed because the longer they stayed the more she fell in love with our king.

Our king tried his best to convince her that they actually don’t need to continue trying to kill him for she could just become his Queen and he would negotiate with her father, no matter how Felicia was beginning to fall intensity in love she still thought that maybe our king was one with who would destroy everything she had and loved the moment she accepted his plea, the longer they stayed in our Kingdom the more it looked like our king had abducted the princess of another kingdom. the king of Rath rallied his men and invaded our Kingdom, upon hearing that the princess wanted to leave but it was already too late she had gotten rooted to our Kingdom and our king.

Felicia sent a message correcting the misunderstanding and stating the reason why she had decided to stay back, as a month passed our king properly introduced Felicia to the people and at that moment they became

One night our king woke up to an empty Bed, Felicia was gone and nowhere to be found we searched the kingdom for weeks, after a month we finally got news that Felicia was found in the kingdom of Rath and was being sentenced to death for being a traitor to her people, rage engulfed the heart of our king for his carelessness after Felicia sent the message, the kingdom of Rath became silent so he never bothered to check up on them and now he was about to lose the love of his life, our king rallied up his army of Dragons and Dragon Riders, sorcerers and us knights and unleashed the power of the dragon throne upon Rath.

Upon seeing the might of our King, the king sent Felicia back to our Kingdom, our king was so excited that he rushed for the Coronation, on that day our King became so distracted that he was shocked when Felicia stabbed him with a black knife, our king looked into her eyes and gazed into the depths of her soul and that’s when she told him that initially, they were not just after his life but where also after the Dragon Stone underneath his dragon throne which gives eternal life, before they left the kingdom of Rath a dark wizard had already placed a curse on her to force her to come to our Kingdom for she never intended to be a pawn in a battle of power after she refused to go back home the curse was activated and she was forced back.

When our king arrived at their shores her father realised that if he can’t have his daughter our king won’t have her too and if she could take our king with her even better for him, so he let her go knowing the new curse he placed on her will take effect at the right time.

Our king became consumed by pain and hatred when Felicia took her last breath he was hurt, all he had ever done was for the best of others and now the one thing he wanted he has now lost enraged our king tainted the sword of eternity with his intent to kill and destroy, the Sword of eternity consumed our Kings’ emotions and its purity became its depravity, it amplified our king rage and hatred, and he rained hell upon the kingdom of Rath.

He destroyed the palace of Rath and killed the king and his court, but our king felt his rage wanting more of him, the sword of eternity was edging him on to destroy the entire island, so in the eyes of the beast we saw the mercy of our King and the person he never intended on becoming, tears streamed his eyes and at the moment we who are his Knights stopped him, but the damage is done to the Kingdom and the Sword was already done, so we sealed off the sword far away in the depths of our land, for the sword of eternity has now become a weapon of death and destruction that consumes and turns the heart of its user, evil and our kingdom became a tale in the memory of men.

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