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A Witch’s Pride


A long time ago, on a planet called SEIRAN, there lived witches and witch hunters, both groups fought with one another mercilessly for centuries…

In that era of war, a dark witch named Angelica Vermont rose to power, her power was like something never seen before, and she defeated all her enemies except the enemy everybody feared, death…

As her time was near she dove into forbidden magic, even for dark witches some magic was forbidden but she didn’t care about the consequences as she tried to extend her life, at last, she found a cure for death but it was too late for her, for she had already taken an elixir that was rapidly destroying her body and magic…

One day she disguises herself and entered a city filled with humans. She found two orphans, a boy, and a girl, and took them home, they took her name, she cared for them but in reality placed them in an illusion and experimented on them in an attempt to make herself a new body but before she could finish the experiment, she lost her magic and her true form was exposed to them, they fought and defeated her but the damage that had been done can never be undone. The boy had super strength, heightened senses, and slow aging while the girl became the first pure witch to ever exist, both of them rose to the top of the world, Vermont’s.

But the true damage was not seen until the boy finally got married, the moment he had his first child, the child became the conduit of overwhelming dark energy that was gathered by Angelica before she died, true horror have not been seen yet, only the future holds the truth, the world shall fall into chaos once again with the birth of whom shall bear the mark of the witch.

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