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Alpha House Cinematic Universe is a Venture Created with the Aim of Making the Entertainment World Even More Entertaining. It Spans Across Several Genres, and Concepts. From Vampires and Werewolves, to gods and their Tales, to Mythical Creatures, Demons and Angels, and even Super Heroes. All Connected in Intricate Ways As Fate Plays it’s Melody.

Led By A Team of Passionate and Talented Artists and Professionals, Alpha House Also Delivers Innovative and Dynamic Services To  clients’ and the General Public. 

We’re Proud of Our Excellent Track Record of Creating Engaging and Original Content, Through the Combination of Traditional Techniques and Modern Technologies. Discover some of the Projects We Have Worked On and See How Our Qualified and Experienced Staff Can Take Your Project to the Next Level.

Firm Partners

Blank A. Bello

Blank’s BooksPoems, and Stories have received Starred Reviews by multiple Art Critics and EditorsHe has a unique perspective to life and shares it in both his Writing and in his Art.

Blank was skeptical about writing in the beginning, and he couldn’t pick a genre. That’s when he met Y.H. Ohikwo. A classmate in University that was passionate about writing. They became friends and talked about their dreams, eventually deciding to build the Alpha House Cinematic Universe as a team.

Blank’s hobbies include Sleeping, Reading, Playing Basketball, Eating and Exploring.

With a B. A in English Language and Literary Studies. It gives him a professional touch that has helped him grow his writing style to accommodate several genres in seamless storytelling.

With time, he expanded his knowledge into other areas like Graphic Design, 2D & 3D Animation, Video Editing and Web Design because he wanted to understand the integral processes involved in making art and communicating with his audience and this has greatly influenced his writing style.

If you want to know what he’s up to, you can follow him on his Social Media Channels Below

Y. H. Ohikwo

Yunusa Ohikwo is a Writer/Storyteller with a B. A in Theatre and Performing Arts.

Ever since he was a kid, Yunusa wanted to write Books and Stories  that would entertain his audience genuinely, and he was already almost done with his first manuscript when he met Blank A. Bello in University. They both discussed, had similar views and experiences and decided to start building the foundations of the Alpha House Cinematic Universe.

Yunusa’s, light but direct approach to certain controversial topics is a delight for readers, coupled with his Intensity in writing gives his style and the Cinematic Universe a certain realism. 

Ohikwo enjoys Anime, Movies, Cartoons, Telenovelas, Hollywood Movies, Korean Series, India Movies and everything that crosses his path as long as it’s entertaining. He is also a big fan of the Marvel and Dc franchises. 

If you want to know what he is up, you can follow him on his Social Media Accounts below.

Minino Liman

Liman is a critic of the arts because of his analytical view but he is is a big fan of Poetry. He is one of those who finds it hard to speak without meaning or aim so his words are always heavy and carry a lot of weight.

Minino, started writing poetry from  a very young age and he was also there at the beginning. Faced by the passion of Yunusa and Blank, he decided to take his writing a step further and started contributing to the foundation of The Alpha House Cinematic Universe as well.

Having a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature there is no surprise as to why he picked Writing as an activity to invest most of his time and he fitted into the Cinematic Universe like a glove.

His hobbies include Writing, Reading, and Research. He aims to not only Entertain but also Educate his readers with interesting methods and references to history and so on.

If you are interested in what he is up to, or simply want to say ‘Hi’. His social media handles are below.

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