“Another race is born, they had long ears and pale skin… “Elves” I guessed. Their information immediately became the most valuable thing in the universe.

“A ship speeding across the universe, within it, a woman in labor pushes out her third son. His father cradles him in his hands as the androids attend to his lady. He laughs at the little boy as he opens his eyes, he turns him to face the window and look upon the ongoing chaos.

The boy’s eye widened as his real purpose was revealed to him…” a man sitting at the window of a ship recited to a boy in his arms.

“After that incident, he grew to become a pirate and now he came here to kill your daddy and mommy”

“As a fellow baby, you understand don’t you?” he asked the child.

“Bab Bab!” the little boy babbled on as he clapped.

The pirates were about to make another raid on another city. “Isaac” was his name, he never blinked, after his first sight, ever since. His father had unknowingly powered up his son, at the moment he was about to show him the beautiful adventurous world he was born into, he ended up exposing him to an alien star and flipped out his son”s eyes, completely.

The boy, no surprise, grew up to be a pirate. A great one but here he had taken in a boy whose parents he had killed and was starting to doubt himself and his identity.

He had been reciting his sin to the boy for days, hoping to get some sort of reaction out of the boy and heal or even damage his heart. He needed more, he needed to move… his thirst for adventure was endless.

As he stood there watching them raid the city in greed and lust, forgotten pleasure and pain, he felt a light pull and took it.

There he stood, in front of lady universe, she smiled at him and sent him off.

He turned around and his heart began to beat once more. The endlessness of existence stretched before him, a wondrous world… exceedingly beautiful. A dream, brought forth… “Adventure” she called him.

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