Cover Art for Ane Wu: Lost Boys

Ane Wu: Lost Boys

I will tell you a story
But not of angels, but of those who never got a chance to be one
Dwindling within the tread of destiny
They wander with no goal
A lost cause they are, A lost cause they will continue to be
They yearn for those destined
So as to devour their fates
Just to exist a while longer

Some of them faded out of existence
Some fought the executioners until they perished
While others found what they were looking for
A barter with purity and innocence
For an eternal destiny
A curse of the Raven
The mark of the Slaves
But at least it gave them a chance
To be angels once again
Bringing calamities or ending calamities
Taking pity mankind
Watching us play the tune made for us

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