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Angel’s Fall

‘Everyone has a guardian angel’ an old man said to a little boy who was sitting close to him. This boy was his grandson, he had come over with his parents for the break and wasn’t too happy about it

The old man smiled and turned to see if his words had caught his attention but he wasn’t listening, his eyes were fixated on the mobile game he was playing

‘Hey Jimmy! Drop that game this instant!’ his father yelled at him as he was setting up the table with his wife and mother

‘It’s okay’ the grandfather said

‘It isn’t!’ his father said and came walking furiously towards them ‘give me that!’ he added snatching the game from him and putting it in his pocket ‘enough!’

The boy hissed and turned away from his father, the old man smiled. He pulled out his overpriced phone that his son had bought him ‘here you go, you can play with this’ he said to his grandson

‘I don’t want it!’ the boy snapped still looking away

‘At least look at it, it’s one of the latest models I think’ his grandfather calmly said

‘Oh!’ the boy finally said turning to take a good look at it ‘thank you’ he added taking it gently from his grandfather

‘You’re welcome’ he replied

The old man’s son and the boy’s father saw this transaction and was a little bit angry but his father smiled at him and rubbed his chest with his palm telling him to calm down. He smiled back weakly and joined the rest in the kitchen

The little boy saw this but pretended not to, he played his game for a few minutes more then he spoke ‘you said everyone has an angel?’ he asked

‘Oh, so you heard me?’ his grandfather asked

‘I did but daddy says angels don’t exist’ the boy replied still playing his game

‘Oh but they do’ the old man said getting a little bit excited ‘I think it was when I was about your age, the first time I met one’ he added rubbing his chin

‘You met one?’ the boy said pausing his game and looking up at his grandfather

‘Oh yes I did. He saved me from a car accident and then I followed him’ the old man said

‘What happened?’ the boy asked

‘Well, he was injured and limping after saving me so I wanted to help him. He went into a cave and hid himself, there he spread his large white wings’ the old man said spreading his hands wide ‘and bent over at the stream to drink some water’

‘And…?’ the boy asked already engrossed in the story

‘Well, I went up to him’ the old man said beating his chest ‘and said thank you’

‘You did?’ the boy said excitedly

‘Of course’ the old man replied ‘I was taught to always thank people that help you’

‘Then what happened?’ the boy asked jumping up a little bit

‘Well, he was happy. He told me I was welcome and also how grateful he was. He said that most times people don’t acknowledge their work and they feel that they escape dangers by their own abilities but they are always around us’ the old man rubbed his chin again

‘I wasn’t satisfied with this, I wanted to help him and asked him how I could do that’ he said

‘Did he tell you?’ the little boy asked

‘Yes. He told me to do good, to be nice to my elders, to be kind to my neighbours and to do anything that would help the people around me and by doing this many more angels would gather around me and he would have more help protecting me’

‘I thanked him and did as he told me and since then my life has been beautiful. So if you do the same, you might just be able to play games and have fun all your life’ the old man said tapping his grandson on the head

‘Hmm’ the little boy said looking at his parents still setting up the table for lunch ‘I’ll go and help’ he said getting up and running to go and meet his father

The old man smiled, then the angel appeared beside him and smiled as well.

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