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Arm of Aries

Once upon a time a director once told me a story but I never believed him
he said The sky ran red tainted by the blood of their enemies
The ground was covered in endless corpses

Sides were pitched against one another, consumed by the war monger’s might
Men fought and Daemons fell, And the pride of the gods was all it was said to be
They came in legions hearing the Arm of Aries, Standing before the lighthouse
Bewitched by war and death,

seeking priced valor from worthy victors
I will continue to wander in thought
Praying the skies don’t fall
Praying the game of the gods is just a myth

for my lost arm trembles, for the one I do no not mention

for the one I betrayed,the cheated one

for if he is freed then the eternal realm shall crack in two

for the past we have buried, for the past we don’t mention

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