Atlas: Pillar of the Heavens

Do you know of the Titan who suffered the greatest torment of all from Zeus, the all father?

Aside from Cronos whose punishment was death. Do you know of the Titan who still kneels in great shame beneath the earth bearing the greatest weight on his shoulders, doomed for all eternity?

Atlas was a brother to Kronos, a Titan and god in every right, but just like his other siblings he was caught in the family feud and drama that decided the fate of all in the universe.

As Atlas kneels continuously in shame, he has nothing to do but go through his thoughts over and over again, reminiscing and wondering if there was something, they could have done differently to change their fate.

He could remember, the beginning, the feeling the universe had, long before the time of man, beings, and spirits alike. A memory, a privilege, to him and his family, but even they only held a fragment of the truth.

Their father and mother were said to be the Sky ‘Uranus’ and the earth ‘Gaia’. It is told that when these two great beings came together, they birthed the first child, Oceanus.

Atlas remembered, as he felt the earth tremor above his large shoulders, he took a few deep breaths as his heart felt conflict. Oceanus knew so much but he would never tell them, instead he spreads his reach across the entire universe using the water realm as cover as he continues to rule, freely, unbounded in his own sovereignty, with his wife and children in safety and tranquility.

As he tried his hardest to divert his thoughts to his other siblings his mind kept wandering back to Rhea, the mother of Zeus and the one who caused their downfall. Even among those who call themselves gods, their hearts can hardly fight the darkness and regret that comes from within.

Atlas had the earth above his shoulders so his mind was stronger than most, so he was able to pull himself out of his hate and return back to his stream of thoughts.

He remembered the Cyclopes, the one-eyed giants that helped the young gods against them. Arges, Brontes, and Steropes. They even crafted the lighting bolt for the last child of Rhea, Zeus.

Atlas laughed a little remembering the three, he wondered how many had chosen the side of the gods and why? What did they do wrong? Had they all not learnt how futile violence was from their first victory against their father Uranus.

‘Oh!’ Atlas exclaimed, as his voice echoed across the nothingness, he remembered Hetacochires, his hundred-armed, and three-headed brothers who Cronos had imprisoned in Tartarus.

If they had allowed them to roam free, it might have not ended well but perhaps it would have been better than what they were currently facing.

Atlas tried his best to keep his thoughts in order as several emotions twirled within his heart, who were they? Did they really do wrong? How much longer could he bear this weight? If he let go, would all those above him fall to their doom? Was he the hero of this story for this magnificent feat that even he himself did not know he could bear? Or was he the greatest fool to continue to accept such a fate?

From his view, those who now live in Tartarus must have a better life than him, there was no way they were going through such torment where ever they were.

As Atlas struggled to make sense of all that had transpired, a lost soul wandered into his realm. It was young and it had a vibrant light that made Atlas feel nostalgic.

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