Yunusa Ohikwo is a Writer/Storyteller with a B. A in Theatre and Performing Arts, ever since he was a kid, Yunusa wanted to write Books and Stories that would entertain his audience genuinely.

Eternal Knight

I have no boundsI’ve seen no limitsI have seen my pathAnd I shall not be beatenI will fulfil my oathwhether asleep or not Even in death Even in slumberFor he who has surpassedhis true self shall feelmy cold streaking sword.…


Cover art for Paths

I walk on a path, placed on a plankI’m living my lifeWishing for an outcomeIn this life or the nextI beseech the yearningIn the hearts of all I walk on eggshellsHoping they don’t breakI see a soul Yearning for vengeanceI see…

The Trial of The Goblin

Cover art for the trial of the goblinotus

My curse is hard to discernHard to forgive and even harder to breakWhy do I feel neglectedWhen your true self is still unknown to meWhat is this hole in my heartWhen i haven’t  yet found myself Why I’m i  so…

The God Killer 2

Cover art for the god killer 2

This feud of blood and chaosIs it truly unescapable?Is my soul truly broken with no repair insightNow more than ever I feel more like herAs she feels more like me This tormented, hell of an existenceIs this my fate or…

The Boy King

Cover art for the Boy king

A weightless crown,There is no such thing as thatwe pride ourselves in all we can doand all we can achievebut at last we are meant to dowhat we are meant to doso what weight do you think a crown has…

The Goblin

Cover art for the goblin

My curses shall lay my brethrenTo his grave, I will tilt my griefAnd sow my words, and prayMy wishes be answeredIn the wake of corpsesShall his be amongThat wretched GoblinI shall be the end of himAnd when I’m done with…

Fiora The First

Cover art for Fiora The first

The Soul world was unlike that of othersIt was filled with spiritsMany sought them outClaiming them for themselvesEmbodying them within their Will and essence Calling themselves Soul SeekersThey made pacts and bonded with these spiritsBut her, unlike the remaining in…

The God Killer

Cover art for The God Killer

Sealed within petals, integraStayed with a rage of endless soulsDevoured by the anguish of anotherBounded by darkness she seeksEternal Death and Chaos uponHer wielder’s soul. To seek a life unknown to herShe awaits a wielder that willFinally bring an end…

The Creed of The Sparrow

Cover art for the creed of the Sparrowlotus

I don’t care what they sayI don’t care what it isXavier is my kingAnd he is the Demon godAnd any who stand against himIs it the DiamonsIs the ExecutionersOr the old gods themselves We will rise upAnd his rage shall…

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