A traveller once said that peacocks were small in other realms… My dad says it’s gibberish and I think so too…

The bonding years between a rider and his steed had been extended for Micheal by two more years. That meant that he and his Peacock that was already much bigger than him had to spend all day and every day together, the peacocks and the boy bond was one of the ancient leftover traditions that kept them atop the rider planet.

Their world had an assortment of large animals living in it so the various Clans had made several pacts with various animals. Some two, three or even more ‘but we remain at the top because and only because we kept the stupid tradition of bonding with these peacocks’ Michael thought to himself as he stared intently at his peacock who was working with his head held high.

Michael was so pissed and focused that he didn’t notice the crater in front of him and tripped, the Peacock caught him saying ‘Easy there’

Michael pushed his feathers away and continued on.

After walking around meaninglessly for a few hours his Peacock reminded him that they had a course to run before noon and Michael immediately brightened up.

Michael took off and started to run in the direction of the course while his peacock soared into the sky and tailed him to their destination. Arriving there first was Michael, he was the fastest boy in the village and the most physically fit all because he had chosen to never ride his peacock.

Michael was fast but she was what was bringing him here with such enthusiasm. He jumped into the bushes when he saw her then started to peek gently smiling like a creep, his peacock stood there waiting for him but he indulged him using his feathers to reflect the light around him and make himself invisible.

Michael never finished his course, this was the usual thing, the Peacock knew yet he never told his parents or his bestower.

Today again Michael followed Margaret around the course as she was continuously going in circles.

Margaret was a severed child, the people in the town upon their gloriously beautiful Birds always said that she wasn’t linked, she was never bestowed a steed… Michael found it fascinating but it was a greater ordeal to speak to her than he thought and his peacock had no intention of spoiling his fun or helping him out.

As Margaret walked carelessly around the course, she eventually crossed Over The Borderline where envious riders awaited a chance at the glory, Michael noticed and ran to go draw her back into the safe bounds of their town. As he ran towards her slowly trying to get the jump on her and not alarm her in any way, he made a slight sound.

As she turned around with a big smile expecting to finally meet her stalker, a lizard rider crept out behind her, Michael noticed and started to run towards her but the lizard was faster and bit off her head… the Peacock immediately jumped in front of Michael and pushed him back into the borders. Michael fell on his back and stood up to scream but the sight froze him in place, he watched as lizards and all sorts of beasts jumped on his friend and devoured him.

This site reminded little Michael who was just 15 years old the cruel harsh world he lived in… all he had to take back home were the little feathers he grabbed as he was thrown back to safety.

The whole town ignored him that day, everyone felt it was his fault and couldn’t hide it, his Peacock was magnificent, what a waste, it showed on all their faces.

That night, Michael laid in bed crying his heart out… she was there because he chased her, his peacock died because of him, their rankings shook for the first time because of the loss he caused today, all sort of emotions swirled around inside him and he cried and cried holding on to his last friend’s feathers

As a tear dropped on the feathers it erupted in flames and Michael threw it to the ground beside his bed, it burned even more brightly and his peacock cloaked in blue flames stood in front of him

“You are next,” he said to Michael and his heart sank realizing he had been chosen.

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  1. This is a beautiful read, a journey into the past indicating the bond between man and the animal kingdom and a lesson on the of the symbolic relationship between the two. I do like it!

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