Babel 3

I opened my eyes the next morning after a good night rest. Now that I had crossed over and back multiple times, I started to find solace in my existence unable to tell what was real and what wasn’t…

My home planet had ended themselves in the last babel and I was finally assigned to a new planet. I got up, from my bed and went to freshen up. As I passed by my awards lined up on the wall, I couldn’t help but smile… for a small man who was quite willing to give up his life, I had become this…

I went out to my family and conversed with them about a lot of things. A few of my feline kids were having problems with their abilities as was expected, they were the most stubborn of the whole lot and fate had to take its toll somewhere

I punished them and gave them some pointers and lessons hoping they would change even if it was just a little and watched them play for the rest of the day enjoying the view.

Later that night, a letter came, requesting the presence of babel for his outstanding performance.

As I read the words, I felt fear consume my heart and could barely move, as my consciousness was pushed aside and babel took over my body, I shamefully, for the last time remembered that I had no family or home…

Babel was one of the most destructive workers existence had ever seen, he would taunt the creatures of the earth from the stars and draw their desires towards him.

They in turn and lust would build a monument unconsciously in his honour and defy their place and he was always there to witness their end. As he got dressed to go and meet his lord, he looked into a mirror on the wall and asked “if I was okay?”

I nodded as quickly as I could in fright and he laughed. We went together to his lord but bodies were dropped at the reception, so I was left behind… as babel walked out of me in his gentle grace and into the throne room, I realized that I admired him and was a slave after all…

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