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Baktuk’s Monster

As the head of the Baktuk clan

My ancestors guide me

To discipline all who misuse power

And maintain the balance

But until the birth of my son, Shiro

I didn’t understand what it means to meet monsters

After being called a prodigy myself

I felt I could relate with him more

But I failed

Whenever we would talk, he’d bring up things

Certain things that could throw the world into chaos

Though in his eyes there was innocence

His soul and being was just beyond our control

So I steeled myself to teach him instead

Perhaps he could be guided the way I was

But his greed for knowledge was immense

And we had no choice but to isolate and try to control him

But he left

And when he returned

Bathed in white to take the family throne

We did battle

In our final moments before our death

We looked up expecting to see a bloodthirsty boy

But in his eyes, the innocence remained and shined brighter than ever

At that moment it occurred to me

That father was right

There was no such thing as monsters.

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