Ball Raider

In a land where riches were common, grand balls became the order of the day since the arrival of the “Ball Raider”.

Every night, the grandest ball of the night would be graced by her presence. She emitted a graceful presence that eased the attendants’ hearts.

The people of that land started throwing exotic, simple, or elegant balls every night.

Each day, she would arrive at her venue of choice at 9:00 pm and her driver would rush out and open the door for her.

She would drop out lazily but quick enough not to delay. The crowd would be smitten at this point and for the rest of the night.

Two of the richest men won most of her visits and were both aggressively aiming for her hand.

After many nights of rigorous plays and reckless moves, the two men came to an agreement to throw one ball together, and both ask for her hand and leave the decision up to her.

That night, the ball was perfect but she didn’t look particularly shocked or surprised so the two men started to have doubts but pushed on either way.

At midnight, they both proposed to her… she got up and stepped onto the stage, and began to sing. As she began, the two men began to weep, she was not a being of this world and beyond their reach.

They wept harder as her song ended. She thanked them for their hospitality and explained how they had kept her here, ball after ball, and how it was fun.

Her wings spread out from her and she smiled before taking off.

Balls still go on every night in that town, to honor, the “Ball Raider”.

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