Birth of a Raven

Once upon a time in a star within stars, there lived a court that sought to end the royal bloodline which ruled over them.

The Dubwa’s ruled over their kingdom Pride fully with the newly appointed ruler Albinius Dubwa, the kingdom prospered beautifully amongst nations around their world, with the power they had gathered over the centuries, Albinius was idealistic so he decided to go on a war of expansion.

The King and his court waited for the blessing of the oracle and when it finally came it wasn’t what they expected, like every other night the priestess had a prophecy, and as the king slept she called upon all the members of his court, the priestess told them about her vision of the future she had asked of the High goddess and all she saw in return was death and destruction of everyone and everything they held dear spanning from one decision, knowing their king was relentless and the prophecy stated that it was they who have royal blood in them will bring about the destruction of everyone and everything, So they decided to assassinate the King and his children.

Bran Dubwa was the Last son of his father his two brothers and sister were proud powerful warriors who were dedicated to the sovereignty of the rule of the family in the kingdom unlike him, they had such big ideals and aspirations that he had nothing to offer them than to live his life, he had nothing to do so, at last, his father decided to send him to school to study outside the kingdom.

One day as Bran was still in school he received the most dreadful news of his life, War with one of their neighbouring kingdoms has intensified and unfortunately, they were able to sneak in assassins within the castle and had managed to assassinate his father and siblings and now to show the unfailing power of the kingdom, the Kingdom must have a king, so he must ascend the throne as soon as possible.

For a ten-year-old the news he heard destroyed everything he knew and held dear to him, his seniors were strong and his father was stronger, he couldn’t possibly believe it, he sobbed for a while but found the courage to go back to his home, upon his arrival what he thought was not possible became a reality when he saw their bodies that were burnt to crisp, with the findings of the court Bran was told it was magic, and who had the best fire magicians in their whole world if not the volcanic tribe of Ivan Czar.

Unknown to him the dark plans that lay in waiting for his return, Bran ascended the cursed throne and became the 18th Dubwa in the longest Standing Dynasty their world had ever seen. On his coronation night, an attempt on his life was made and he was bitten by a fire spider quite harmless but are known to tie a man’s fate to an eternity in fiery torment, but luckily for him on the brink of death, he was saved by a servant.

Realizing they couldn’t kill off their new King, the court kept on trying and with that, the first weeks of Brans Rulership were filled with sleepless nights and failed assassinations attempts, he missed his family a lot, he never had a chance to say goodbye and now he has a burden he never thought would be his.

A year passed and Bran’s resolve withered away and the court decided to ask the priestess if there was any change and she said destruction still lies ahead, they left her and continued their planning.

Broken and depressed at a young age the court urged Bran to go to war with the volcanic tribe of Ivan Czar to satiate the hearts and minds of his people and to quell his own rage and vengeance against those who took everything away from him, Bran agreed but the court said that to increase the morale of his army, he should lead them to battle, bored with life he yearned for an end, within his despair a thought graced his mind, “Maybe I will die”, he then decided to do it.

As the days of his journey grew numerous Bran yearned for the day he would reach the volcanic mountains and exact his revenge on those foul beings, just before his horde of an army reached the Volcanic plains they decided to camp for a night, as he slumbered Bran felt a presence within his tent as he woke up abruptly as his assailant kidnapped him but luckily for him just before they left the camp his soldiers erupted and chased them, After running for a distant his assailant removed his blindfold and surprisingly it was a soldier in his own army, the soldier pulled out his sword and said this was for his family, the more Bran looked at him the more he saw a frightened man, who did this to him, who have driven such a man to such action, Bran just smiled realizing this might be his last moments so he closed his eyes waiting for the blow but it never came, at last, he opened his eyes only to see the soldier bleeding to death with an arrow in his chest, guess it wasn’t his time yet.

Bran couldn’t understand how his assailant managed to get this close to him, he came back to camp looking at all of them doubting their integrity and their loyalty, something even worse might happen on the battlefield.

As the sun set Bran invaded the volcanic tribes of Ivan Czar and as he came so did he conquer they were no match for his strength and valor, even with their fire magicians his forces still overwhelmed them, the tribes fell one after the other but as he fought, battle after battle and saw men die, every time he sought to die he couldn’t, even when the assassins came he still managed to skip through one way or the other, some time they missed their target other times they were defeated by his soldiers, Bran’s mind grew and matured and after two years of fighting he finally subjugated the Volcanic tribes of Ivan Czar, but surprisingly they who were supposed to be the one who killed his family turned out they didn’t even know how they died, and even as he interrogated the high chiefs none of them knew who had a fire magician strong enough to do what he said was done to them, at last all his investigations yielded no fault, no matter how hard they were tortured and questioned they still maintained what they said at one point even he believed them, so he decided to return home and continued his boorish days.

On his way back he received a letter, that an Empire that ruled, west of the Volcanic plains has chosen to declare war on his kingdom for his unlawful invasion of the volcanic tribes, they began to lay siege on his empire so the court urge him to pass through the rocky valley to enter the empire since his path had been blocked by the Empire’s soldiers, Bran read the message and heeded the warnings and as he moved through the rocky valley he had to fight on skirmishes to subjugate the locals within the valley.


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