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Blood Hounds of Lous Norchez


Chaos exists but balance too exists, and as a creature of chaos none understands balance better than I, Carnage incarnate I sowed the seed of my imprisonment, my dome of the forgotten, my Lous Norchez, as who I am is all I seek to understand, I stand to reach the universe, wanting it, seeking it, from where I dwell, I may wander but my abilities supersede my existence and any who set their gaze upon my true self shall not live to tell the tale.

And as though the death god Abu Sina shall always seek my soul none might say to be the bringer of the soul like I, consumed with the deceit of the Smith I find myself a devourer of souls; A Bloodhound, and as the executioners have sought to end all that I am and all that is begotten from me I find myself in a pickle in Lous Norchez.

“An Eternal Prison, Unbounded of your curse, seek the truth, seek the light, as the First Taker ‘Cain’ I am bounded to the Realm of Men, Wandering, seek the wanderers and the Hakeem shall decide your faith”

Those words of a man long forgotten, A curse it might be, this Dome of the Forgotten, but a home it has become for me with the passage of time, I see no future where the hunt will stop for me and my offspring, consumed by my curse in the dome of the Forgotten they’re Tainted by all that I am.

But as days shall surely come to an end another had finally come to an end and a visitor was welcomed within my Lous Norchez, How long has it been since I had a visitor, since the beginning I guess, anyway I know if it’s fated then I shall surely meet my visitor.

And as this lonesome blizzard night continuous eternally on this mountain top, screams could be heard, then the Escalations comes to stop, then steps, then as the door swung open Number Eight stood there with a very weak skinny looking boy all tattered and dirty, guess he had to climb all the way to the top of the mountain, he had blood all over his shorts and a finger of his was missing replaced by one of that of Eight.

“Mr. X, Sorry for the intrusion but look at what I found, isn’t he interesting”

I gazed upon the sorrows that lay the shelves which were his eye bags, I looked at the pain-stricken, essence devoured and consumed by the smith’s mischief and I remembered the betrayal, the box of the Blacksmith, and all the curses he laid within them for those who stepped to power and knowledge and all I see before me is a boy broken by fear devoured by what he trusted the most betrayed by what he thought had saved him, and all the memories of my past came flooding within me once again.

“Who are you? I asked the boy”

“My Name is Tommy,” he said and his voice was as firm as ever, So ridden with fear he fears nothing, and can devour the fear others, maybe he can devour my curse, I gaze moved to his hand which now had one of Eight’s finger and even though it was faint it was devouring my curse into nothingness turning it into power and energy, and at that moment I smiled realizing what Eight had done.

I took Tommy in Numberless unlike the others and the gifted one, and in five years I watched his growth and saw the monster I now birthed into reality, a true demon, and in those years he learnt all he could from us and on that last before he left I received a call.

“Is this Mr. X?”


“I am calling From The First Division of the Executioners in Asina 1, Lous Norchez Has been Pardoned as per your completion of the Training of one of the students of Orbious Academy and hence Abu Sina will approve of your movement only if humility is exercised In due time and hopefully in the future Bloodhounds too can be Executioners but unfortunately for your student he is no Bloodhound and that which is not given can never be begotten, so he is to make a Blood oath to never use all he has begotten from you if otherwise punishment will be duly noted”

And with that the call went off and with the silence, a new tide of fate arrived at Lous Norchez, where possibilities are endless, and as my visitor came, my visitor left and it was a new dawn for the Bloodhounds of Lous Norchez.

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