Born of Odin

For I am Vidarr  The first son of Odin He who is as much  As his father

Fate decided it Was his turn again 

It was fenrir’s turn, 

She grew his yearning for vengeance 

And cultivated his patience 

And he on the other hand 

Yearned for a dance once more

Of the three siblings 

She always had a tune with him

Carved from Odin’s demise 

She rejected his existence 

And took away everything 

From him,  made him wait

In chains, in solitude 

For that day, that day once again 

The day his chains rattle

The day he comes back 

Home once again 

For a final dance with her

But did you really think 

That this story had all 

it had to tell this tale

If it’s so, then you haven’t 

seen it yet, my coming 

In a point in this story

A man will walk into 

the underworld and 

claim his beloved 

His will be the first chain

That rattles the beast 

A dark witch will 

Bring herself back to life

Her’s will be the second 

Chain that rattles the beast 

The lost arm of Aries  

Will be found 

And it’s ripples will be found 

All across the greater universe 

Reeking of chaos like it

Has never been seen before 

That’s when I come in

On the back of a raven

As the tree of life alines 

For I am Vidarr 

The first son of Odin

He who is as much 

As his father

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