Cover art for queens' Fears

Queen’s Fears

What was on Queen’s mindThat made her sought powerShe never knewShe understood the value of familyAnd that of companionship But she couldn’t help her innate natureShe was damned in her soulHaunted by her bloodAnd cursed by mischief and chaosInside out she became a beautiful monstrosityLeft inside she stays an angel But within a prayerFor those …

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Cover art for fallen angel

Fallen Angel

She lost herselfin the pits of despairin the face of her wordsin the realization of her demiseshe no longer stoops towhat she believed inin a world of angels belief was alland hers was gone. in the realm of menshe heard his sermonsbut his seat was vacantand she was not worthy enoughso as her wings Felland …

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Eternal Knight

I have no boundsI’ve seen no limitsI have seen my pathAnd I shall not be beatenI will fulfil my oathwhether asleep or not Even in death Even in slumberFor he who has surpassedhis true self shall feelmy cold streaking sword. The challenge for he who has surpassed His true self is mine, the Eternal Guardian.  …

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Cover art for Looming Order

Looming Order

Tell one, tell many, there are goddesses above us all. Those who govern life, ones chosen by fate and sometimes by men. They rarely interfere in our affairs unless we go too far. So those who have mischief and chaos brewing in their souls, always pray silently for the goddess’s demise, all to no avail. …

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Cover art for Rider's War

Rider’s War

As the turning of times came upon the planet blessed with strong steeds, a battle of conquest and sovereignty begins. One side knowing fully wellthe possible after effects of these events while the other, seeking a new age of gods who were from men. In this tumbling events,several fell and the only ones who remained …

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Cover art for Witches of Seiran

Witches of Seiran

Once the craving for more begins,it will never end.The curses from the witches of Seiran,are simple but strong,forged by great minds like Angelica’s and Lucy’s.They twist and trick fate,carefully treading the fine line of deceit. Draped in glory,many laugh at them both,for they suffer the greatest curse of all,an unquenchable thirst for adventurethat began with …

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Cover art for Paths


I walk on a path, placed on a plankI’m living my lifeWishing for an outcomeIn this life or the nextI beseech the yearningIn the hearts of all I walk on eggshellsHoping they don’t breakI see a soul Yearning for vengeanceI see a man alone on a pathA path not meant for A weak mind like his I …

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