Short Stories

Cover Art for Last Gaze

Last Gaze

There once was a little girl… from the moment she opened her eyes, they shined brightly with curiosity staring intently at anything the world had to offer. She could sit looking at a tree or the ground for hours simply admiring the beauty of the earth… people thought it was a bad habit of hers …

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Cover Art for The Snake King

The Snake King

Once upon a time in a land of mischief and chaos. There lived an ant colony, which was plagued by a gigantic slithering monster called the Orochi. The Orochi devoured city upon city till the ants reached near extinction… In their despair and hopelessness, a hero raised from within them, growing in power, strength and …

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Cover Art for My Tree

My Tree

Peace and wisdom… this was the way of life they lived by. The first war ever waged was over and people had decided to live together in harmony, accepting anything the universe threw at them. As if being called forth, that’s when it came… a meteorite. The people rushed to the site of the crash …

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Cover Art for The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith

Once upon a time, in a land far far away lived a blacksmith who loved to invent, the blacksmith invented everything from weapons to cutleries to everything. The blacksmith’s inventions became so great that each one of them was sold for thousands and thousands of gold bars, in his greed for knowledge, the blacksmith invented …

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Cover Art for Evil Forest

Evil Forest

At a time of great sorrow in the humble lands of Africa, a phenomenon was taking place. Children were being born, children who could see and do things that others couldn’t… whenever anyone touched, insulted or so much as looked down at anyone of these children, an unlikely accident befell them… The people of the …

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Cover Art for The Peddler

The Peddler

In a time, long forgotten, there was an established fact… anyone who dared cross the desert without a shaman or a talisman from one, would without a doubt, fall prey to the lurking spirits who laid in wait for the darers… A humble peddler who had recently recovered from an accident was so eager to …

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