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Ice Cold Princess

Cover art for Ice Cold Princess

Anything that rises will certainly fall but perhaps not always but most of the time… They say the sight of victory is pleasing to only the victor and this held strongly for many who had been victorious in the deadly…

Lucy and The Queen’s Guild 2

the cover for Lucy and the Queens Guild 3
At moment all of us who called ourselves witches had an epiphany “This is a reckoning for our right to exist and for the blood coursing through our veins, the sacrifice of Angelica Vermont, for all the powers we attained

Lucy and The Queen’s Guild

Cover Art for Lucy and the queens guild1
Maybe is my Karma and all the curses they’ve laid upon my soul but here I am beaten broken and tattered. Outsmarted unable to win in a battle of wits, unable to break all these chains and thoughts holding down, I who thought myself powerful now understands where my weakness truly lies and where my hubris hid.

The Merciless Desert

Cover Art for The Merciless Desert

Some say that the desert is even more merciless than the sea, with it’s tricky quick sand pits that one could fall into at any step. This feeling of uneasiness puts the mind on constant alert then there is the…

Vampire Hounds 7

Cover Art for Vampire Hounds 7

‘Will you be going?’ Anita asked Alex as they sat in the garden back home together. She had brought some tea out for him and he was drinking it as she asked her question, they had all been curious but…

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