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Chance was found on a train at the last bus stop on the rocky route. The town he stopped at was called “Candle” a town filled with gentle and simple people that were given the name ‘Candle’ because of their major export product.

The town was small, they were rich in their daily life, not much in wealth but enough food to sustain happy smiles. Chance was taken in by a childless couple that had been married for twelve years. Chance’s new father ‘Edward’ tried his best to fill in the position of his father in his life… and chance appreciated this and grew up beautifully.

Soon, Chance was fourteen, after six years of peace, they thought he was ready to go back into school. Enough time had passed and he no longer screamed whenever he remembered his father.

On his first day, Chance fell in love… her name was ‘Emela‘. That day, he spoke to her during lunch, she ignored him. He was heartbroken and resolved himself to try again the next day.

But she was gone, her dad had separated from her mum and she was moving to another town. Chance was horrified, he couldn’t believe it. His parents told him it was okay and time would heal his wounds and he reluctantly agreed and cleared the table after dinner. He went up to his room and lay on his bed and checked his messages. One of his classmates had posted on their board that she was basically kidnapped by her father.

Chance started to panic, then he began to imagine all the horrible things that could be happening to her at that moment. He thought of his parents but they were okay and would not punish him.

Chance ran down and picked up the car key and went after her. As he drove at 90 km/h, checking the class board for any more information, he speed to the next town. His parents heard him leaving and were now panicking as his taillights vanished into the night.

Two hours later, Chance made it to “Pilt” where she was. He drove calmly around the town hoping to get some sort of hint but there was none and the car was already low on gas. He decided to park the car when the indicator light came on.

Chance dropped down and put on his coat. Then started walking around town, checking all the coffee shops, bakeries, anywhere with sweets. She loved sweets…

He eventually gave up as the sun came up and went to the bus park, he had seen on a city map.

Chance stood there speechless… there she was sitting, she noticed him too but she squinted her face then looked at the TV screen, then back at him, still looking confused.

Chance then turned to the screen too, getting curious, he gasped a little laugh… his face was on the screen, “Candle” had declared him missing. He smiled and walked extremely fast to ‘Emela’, hoping to get a hug in but the authorities pinned him to the ground before he could reach. They read him his rights and dragged him away.

They took him back home and his parents were switched with another set, they had failed to keep an eye on him.

His next set of parents were younger and stronger looking. The first thing they did was to tell him who and where he was…

His father was a smart man, they said, a man who was too smart for his own good and was too much of a dedicated soul. His father was given Rabbit’s case after Rabbit eliminated someone he shouldn’t have. His father was given the task of containing him..

Sadly, over time, “Rabbit” proved to be impossible to kill and more off an asset. The bureau decided that it was better to cancel their attack on him but your father doesn’t believe that. That’s why he created you! Chance! “you’re your father’s weapon!…” they said, but all this time, Chance was lost in thought…

He couldn’t stop thinking of Emela

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