Death and Love

Exquisite, if Life was as  Beautiful as death Then death wouldn't Have become a thing

Exquisite, if Life was as 

Beautiful as death

Then death wouldn’t

Have become a thing

And if existence was

Strung on a rope

With no purpose

Then life would’ve

been meaningless

And our sorrows

Wouldn’t have worth

What i see is what it is

And what it is 

Is an eternal unending tale

My love, My love, My love

I have soared the skies

I have soared the heavens

In search of you

But where you are, I can’t find

My heart is sour 

My love is lost, I seek a life

Where you belong Our love everlasting

Our love forever within

A fool’s promise, A fool’s errand 

Time and time again 

A story begins in a millennia

A retelling of the same story

A very popular story indeed 

One with different faces 

and different actions 

But destined for the same outcome 

It starts with love

Dwell in pain

And ends in vengeance 

If it’s pity you want 

I can’t offer it 

Many have died, Many have succumbed 

The Idea that man Is a walking beast 

is no joke, We consume and devour 

All in the name of knowledge 

All in the name of enlightenment 

We seek to destroy all we hold dear 

For our innate nature

Is to reach for the heavens 

And what forbidden to us 

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