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The mafia bonds of loyalty are as strong as steel, each family had its duty and kept each of their territories in check.

The head family handled budgets, major dealings and most of the underground. The peace between men of such violent tendencies could only be handled by one of strong will…

Their previous head was a strong-willed man, he held the family together but his son was different. He bluffed a lot and the people believed him because of his father’s reputation.

And now, he was getting old and his only son was abroad studying so he called him back to explain things to him before he would pass away but his son came too late.

At the funeral, one of the mafiaso handed him a letter swiftly so no one noticed. The kid was smart so he hide it in his pocket and waited to get home before reading it.

The letter was a welcome note, it told of how proud the family was of his arrival and how much they expected of his presence. The kid wasn’t sure how to react so he took the note in good faith and decided to have one more glass of wine since he was in a good mood before he went to sleep.

While he was down selecting a bottle in the wine cellar, there was a large ‘BANG’ noise and the guards rallied up immediately. It was an assassination attempt. His father had bragged of how much of an early sleeper his son was and the perpetrators had believed and had set a time bomb for him and had failed.

His guards weeded out who did it and brought the two men to him, he was shocked, one of them was actually a man who had wished him well at the funeral.

He immediately remembered the sort of inheritance he had come home to and settled into his role, he asked the men to tell him more of the stories his father had left behind of him and listened to each one carefully.

After they were done, he picked one of them and decided to make an example out of the two that stood in front of him.

They were to be skinned alive then smoked till death… and so it was…. Hence began the gruesome tales of Diabulo…

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