He held down the universe
For as long as he could remember
Eons was the only thing that could
Describe his tenure
For the gift he stole for mankind
From the gods

One day within his solitude
A young god came to him
Unlike he had ever seen
He preached about ideals
He preached about revolution
He preached about freedom
He had views he hadn’t seen in a while

“High gods made mistakes, then why do they go free”

He was truly born in a wrong Age
An age where men no longer
Needed the idea of gods
But at least he was fighting
The same thing they fought then
At the Golden age of gods and Heroes

He knew he sought freedom
And he knew his gaze had darkness
So when the young god also
Sought power, he knew
He had to tell him
Power has a price
And the price is paid ten folds

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