Dona Maria

In the beginning, there was she who was the first child of sacrifice Pandora, Gifted with a box to never open, she stood against all odds unknown to her, her own curse, she got curious and opened the gates of all evil upon all in the cosmos and the universe, and as the curses and woes, transverse time and space itself many saw it coming and even in all their prediction they were still devoured, universe by the universe, times by times, age by age, the hordes of evil came in different shapes and forms devouring all those with even a tint of weakness in their hearts.

Countless universes and times separated her from the first child of sacrifice, but alas the evil Pandora spewed had finally descended upon her universe, chained by the will of another the bowels of the phoenix’s realm open up, and out from within it came a blazing inferno consuming and destroying everything within its path.

The little girl cried in tears broken by the calamity as a ball of fire destroyed her home and her planet, her heart crumbled in pain and sorrow as the bodies of her loved ones and any she knew, lay burnt to the crisp all around her and the boulder she was sitting on was melting because of the lava that erupted from a nearby volcano and she knew her world was about to come to an end, and all hope was lost sine all her eyes could see was fire, and as only hope remained in the box, it answered he, and as a Raven that was perched beside her flew away a boy sat on its place and the little remained stunned in a world with no magic.

“Walk towards the path of the black star seeking darkness’s ends, meet he who neither a spirit nor a demon, but knows the time, he will adhere to the wishes of any who wander his path if the prize paid is worthy enough”

The lost boy said with such paleness and a watchful gaze before continuing his journey, he knew what it meant to defy fate his existence was one of such attributes and if she too was to define her own fate she had to be strong, the little girl looked at the starless night and a fleeting black star shone to its brightest, the little girl looked all around her but there was fire everywhere but those meant to walk the path meant for them shall have their turn and all that seeks to shroud their path shall surely not  and the little girl knew, so the fire was nothing but an unwanted hindrance, and as she took the weight of their unknown innocence and all the evil they could have achieved that had led them to this path she took a step with that thought in mind and with each step the raging heat of the ground increased and burnt her feet threatening to take her life but with each boulder she marched upon she kept on moving on and enduring the pain, witnessing all the curses and destruction laid upon her planet while she moved towards the black star.

A Day, A month, A year, A decade, An Hour the little girl walked until all became jumbled in her mind, even though she was relentless she no longer understood anything, she didn’t even know for how long she had already walked for, finally, she reached the end of her walk by a burning boiling shore and there it was shining in the flaming darkness, shimmering with an unknown warmth and the moment she saw it joy overtook her entire being and she knew this was a good Spirit that will help her.

The spirit called itself “He who Is Fateless” and since his fate is bountiful and endless he could give her one and with it she could reverse her time and save her fate, the spirit gave her a coin and when telling her when she sees a pool of larva she should toss it the coin inside and with that she could go back home to her friends and loved one unscathed and unharmed, free from Pandora’s Curse Like nothing ever happened.                     

The little girl excited left he who is Fateless and began a new journey in a hurry and as luck will, will it, she found a pool of larva and with the wishes of her world she tossed it in hoping the Hakeem of time will answer, and as the coin melted her world change and the reddish fire burning raw all around her turned into a whitish blackish flame and she knew her wish had been granted, the girl turned and began a journey in search of her home in this new world with no calamity grazing upon it and she walked and walked till all the hope she had left was lost when she realized the effect of her wish and the payment she had made which made her wander aimlessly in a new world unknown to her.

Finally, at a crossed road she found the ravens of death whispering of the souls who have fallen especially about the sparrow whom had descended unknown to him his place, the little girl asked them where her home was and they told her but it was completely located in a place she knew nothing about nor how to get there, but as she was about to walk away they told her she couldn’t, and why she asked and the ravens replied that she was a wandering Spirit and a perfect prey for them, the ravens attacked herself fade she knew it was her delirious mind that made her believe that he who was Fateless was good but he was just another Demon disguised as a saviour who preyed upon her vulnerability, and just as she was about to go out of existence she heard them “Clank! Clank!! Clank!!!” and as she looked at where they were coming from, there was a man covered in a ragged veil and as he stretched his hand out she could his golden bracelets and Golden armour underneath.

“I am the Wanderer, The Hakeem of time,” He said

“What’s Your name, you child of sacrifice who is burdened by my curse”

“DONA MARIA,” she said as the little light still burning within her finally went off.

The wanderer took her soul and gave it back its essence and for all the sacrifices she made the wandered cut a piece of his rags and adorned it on her head, and from henceforth she possessed the ability to go through endless variations of her world seeing all they have to offer as she continues to wander eternally she became the custodian, and within her dimensional space lies the endless versions of her world which she wanders with no limitation unable to go back home to her family and loved ones.

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