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Dragon Stone

Peace has always been the emblem of Dragon Stone secluded and unknown to the world, Dragon, Sorceress, Sorcerers, Warlocks, Witches, Humans and dragon Riders lived in a kingdom ruled by the Knights of Eternity whose sole purpose was to protect the Legacy of their fallen king, called Dragon Stone.

After his death, they hid from the world and their lives and livelihoods became all they knew.

Within them was a young dragon, all his life he had been in Dragon Stone, the books he read and all the Visions he received fuelled his spirit for adventure, he needed a rider and he couldn’t get one of all those who he had tried to imprint on, none of them could handle his will and spirit.

The young dragon was sad for a long time before he decided that if he can’t get a rider to go around the world with, he will go by himself, the young dragon flew past the protective mist that hid dragonstone from the world, he flew down south into the kingdom of Rath, dragons were not anything new so he knew he was allowed to roam about the kingdom

The young dragon journeyed across Rath hearing stories and meeting people, but out of all those he met none of which he had an intense connection with like the young Laius

Laius told the Dragon he was a merchant who have travelled across the seas even though he was just 17 years old, he told the young dragon all the stories from his journeys, the young dragon saw the same spirit of adventure he had in the eyes of the young Laius

He knew with the power of a dragon Laius will not only be more adventurous and strive for more majesty and greatness but also have the power to command the will of men and at that moment the young dragon imprinted upon Laius and made him his Rider.

The young dragon was so happy that he had finally found a rider, he wanted to show with pride the greatness of the one who has become his Rider to his people, so the young dragon journeyed back home with Laius on his back, the people were so happy that the young dragon had returned and he had managed to find such a great and Noble rider

The young dragon and Laius enjoyed the treatment given to them by the people of dragon stone, even though he practically ran away, that night the Dragon heard noises all around him and all over the kingdom, he woke up to a dizzy head and drained energy, the young dragon was shocked. Was there a poison that could affect a dragon…

The young dragon flew out, but couldn’t fly away, his wings were abnormally heavy because of the poison, he ran through the city only to see soldiers from the kingdom of Rath invading and destroying Dragonstone, the dragon wanted to fight but he couldn’t, dragons who had their full power were falling at the hands of Rath Wizard and sorcerers.

The soldiers of Rath consumed Dragon Stone and they didn’t even stand a chance, the young dragon searched for Laius with his mind only to find him in the palace upon his arrival at the palace, the dragons saw the bodies of the knights of Eternity battered and butchered all around the palace. The young dragon reached the throne room to find Laius destroying the Dragon throne and picking up a box from underneath it.

“You did all of this? Did you destroy my home? how can you betray me like this?”

The young dragon asked hysterically and Laius replied “your king destroyed my home first”

And at that moment all in Laius’s mind became bare to the young dragon and he realized he had been tricked and had brought a true Enemy of Dragon Stone into its home, the young dragon became overwhelmed by the rage and hatred Laius had towards his people, he knew with the power he was perceiving from Laius, Laius had the strength to kill him. the young dragon gathered all his strength and tried to fly away but he couldn’t fly fast enough when he was above the ocean, Laius blasted through his Wings with his fire magic and he fell into the ocean. When he reached the bottom of the ocean a seal appeared and absorbed him into a dimension where he remained trapped with the Sword of Eternity, until when he will regain his full power and freedom.

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