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Dying Sun

The phoenix’s Eternal realm was vast and rich in all tribes and cultures, and within their constellation lies all those who serve as his legions, those who must pay tribute to his eternal sovereignty, within his currents lies the four harmonic tribes with their star gazers guild which controlled the southern hemisphere of one of them, within a third planet there were the white rabbits, the sin crows the five towers and the nomadic souls, after every fifty years as a festival to the Phoenix king a celebration is held to celebrate his eternal sovereignty, and for the fragmented valley the phoenix bestowed upon every planet within the eternal realm urging those who yearn for power and greatness, the four tribes select four of their most gifted champions each a representatives of his tribe, they were sent to the darkest part of the valley where old and ancient fragments lay, for greater spoils of war and a sacrifice to the eternal god of life and death.

The location of a two-thousand-year-old dragon was recently discovered but since the year of the festival was close the stargazers guilds decided that it was for best for it to be used and if the four manage to reach the actual grounds they will share the fragment equally and if it not so those that reach will give those that didn’t, a portion of the fragment for their loss.
The four tribes cultivated their strength and awaited the chosen day when the festival shall begin and when the day finally arrived the four chosen contestants were proud fully departed for their journey honourably knowing fully they might not return, but since the fragment was within a dark region all of them were Fragmentalist who were specialist at fragment hunting who wielded great power and great magic.

They entered the fragmented valley and hours into their journey all they saw were fragments that possessed little to no threats towards them but as they got closer to the location the fragments began to get stronger and twisted in their actions with hunger and hatred the Fragmentalists had never seen before, Darken spot was not something new in the fragmented valley but if fate wanted to play a trick wanted the fate of men the valley of the Fragments was the perfect place with the necessary dangers and calamities needed that transcended time, space and Man himself.

One of the contestants lost his life after they barely managed to escape a fragmented maze, the rest escaped as their path lead them deeper and deeper into the valley leading them to their destination, after witnessing creatures and horrors beyond man’s reason, consumed by overwhelming dread and isolation they finally reach the location and there was a dimensional pocket the contestants barely made it and took a second to catch their breaths and to their surprised, they were a dark entity within that space that was trying to bewitch them to their deaths.

Each one of them was projected freedom as they get swayed by a siren song, letting their guards down but just as the dark entity wanted to consume their souls they broke free realizing they had to fight it together remembering what they had left behind their families and promises, what they lost and what they might lose and what it might cost them, they defeated the DARK entity t and its energy dissipated leaving a big ball of fiery fragmented energy of a two-thousand-year-old Dragon.

The contestants excited with what they have achieved proceeded to collect their prize but the moment they touched the ginormous ball of energy they felt a huge amount of extra-terrestrial energy exhume from within it the fragment shook and lighting sparks began to emanate from the fragment forcing them to fall back, they watched surprisingly as it all pulled back and it was consumed and standing where the two-thousand-year-old Dragon Fragment was, was a young white-haired and extremely pale-skinned girl.

The girl stood there staring at them with a stillness that showed her naivety, A ma like being within the valley, the contestants knew this was no longer what they thought but was something else entirely since they started this journey they had been on edge facing off with fragments they never thought they would face on this path when they initially looked into it.

They became more alerted ready to fight her off, they tried everything to talk to her but she was not responding to all their onslaught it was like she was not understanding them, they were exhausted, they tired of fighting they never knew this will take this long, at last, they decided to attack her and take the fragment by force from her and since the dark energy they passive from her was beyond measure, they felt justified in their actions she was not supposed to be there.

They attacked her thinking it will be easy but as they came her movement were unsullied untainted and pure, she was unreadable and unbelievable, she was strong probably stronger than the three of them combined and as they fought her they noticed the girl was actually learning from them as they fought her and as they continued to show her their specialist skill, she grew stronger amidst them and as she learned all she needed from them she ended their lives with all she had.

The stargazers guild waited for their contestants from a week and a week turned into a month and the more they thought about it the more their fears proved to be real, they were all dead, that incident spread through the universe itself, A dark spot was normal but the loss of an entire specialist group like this was unheard of, it was too sudden and unprecedented it was supposed to be a celebration now it has turned into death ceremony, four master fragmentalist could defeat a two-thousand-year-old dragon that was what they thought, it was not something new and as their cheerful days came it ended and as the dying sun they became wounded by the unknown.

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