In the final planet of the phoenixes constellation, laid a cold planet with little or no life.

This planet although extremely cold flourished marvellously. The people of the planet had found new ways to survive. Methods like thicker coats, gloves and other armaments that kept them warm.

They were three kingdoms who had made it this far without failing to survive.

Elsa lived in one of the kingdoms as a female knight, serving the mistress who ruled supreme within their borders.

One lovely night, Elsa woke up as the sun went to rest. This was their time to walk the streets. Because of how far their planet was from the fragments, they lacked sunlight and this sad minute difference made beasts, spirits and all sorts of contraptions journey to their home.

It was common knowledge that beasts roamed the streets at night… and the tales of the knights who were constantly seeking out monsters… rumours and truths pilled up together leaving much to wonder.

Elsa, a little girl who had been raised to be a knight was getting dressed for battle again this night. When she was fully dressed and ready, she picked up her spear and went out of her shelter before the residents closed her in.

Some kids sang as she walked through the gates once again. Little did she know that this was going to be her last cheer

Other knights could be seen across the street, each with this weapon of choice. Elsa finally smiled and walked down to greet her fellow mates. These moments were important as all of them were prepared to risk their lives so they all knew that some of them weren’t going to make it through the night.

They chatted excitedly as they all went to their various points to protect.

Elsa was praised by her friends for her second year, she had made through two years without dying, she was an elite.

For her achievements, she was welcomed by the mistress to protect the palace. She had been pretending, she was just as excited as everyone else.

They bid her farewell at the palace’s gate and went to their various points.

Elsa waited five minutes at the gate after knocking before the doors swung open.

Elsa, followed the path to the enormous building that stood in the middle of a very large garden. Rumours had it that the mistress had built it with magic that she now hides from her people.

This wasn’t far from the truth, it was true that the mistress built the palace with magic but she had lost her abilities many years ago.

Elsa walked slowly and calmly to the doors. They swung open as she came close and in their middle, a woman stood with bloodied hands.

Elsa immediately reacted to the strong stench of blood and got in a fighting stance and pointed her spear to the ambiguous figure that was slowly getting consumed by the darkness that surrounded her.

The figure vanished and appeared in front of Elsa, inches from her face. Elsa felt her stomach sink, her legs felt weak as she realized that she was the next victim.

As her face twisted in despair, the figure tilted her head to the side and asked

“Why are you late?”

Elsa was shocked, it spoke!

“Errrm Mistress?” she hesitantly said

“Yes,” the figure replied with a little anger in her voice this time.

“Sorry for the misunderstanding,” Elsa said back and dropped her spear to the ground

“You better be” the figure said and turned away “Let’s go in” she added and vanished leaving Elsa on her own.

Elsa was confused…

The figure appeared again and said “sorry, I meant, stay here and fight off those beats” she said pointing to the coming hoard

“Not a problem” Elsa said and turned to face them.

The mistress watched in amusement, she didn’t expect this much from her daughter

After Elsa was done, the figure appeared again and invited her in. On entering, she was knocked out. Her fatigue had contributed.

When she woke up, she was adorned in golden trinkets and a white gown. She got up and looked around, she was in an arena.

The announcer stood on a podium and spoke. “Next candidate, Elsa, daughter of the moon, is to do battle, please proceed”

Elsa felt a chill run down her spine and attacked it mercilessly. It was a beast and her final test to enter the most grandest of tournaments in the universe, the price? The ring of a universal goddess.

The tournament started the next day. That night, the mistress came to her and explained to her how she was her child and her need for the ring.

Elsa rejected everything she said and asked to be left alone. Her mother, the mistress, was outraged and called the executioners to teach her a lesson.

They locked her up in a cell until she was willing to enter the tournament. There, she met others who had fallen for the plot set out by fate and felt at home

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