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Some will tell you

That the crevices and dark corners of society

Hold the most wretched and heartless of us all

They’ll say darkness lies in the alleyways

The sewers, the hoods, the underground brawling centers, and so on

But it’s a little bit more complicated than that

It’s the shadows that loom over us as we go about our daily lives

That unbelievable pressure you feel

When you try to believe in yourself

Yes you might be able to challenge it

Maybe even raise your middle finger and yell bravely

Yet… when you are noticed by those skyscrapers, towers, and menacing figures

You feel your heart tighten

Your will to fight vanish

And all life leave your knees

At the sight of their overwhelming strength

You become a mere child again

After all

The dark elves are always ready and they never loosen their grip.

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