At noon I stand magnificent upon all that I am, dignified for eternity, for I am all that stands on the threshold of the eternal realm where all those who embody the phoenixes will reign for eternity, upon my sun chariot I barter for the west and set on the east and upon the gates of Duat lies the god of the dead, Osiris, protector of life, conqueror of gods, he who has transcended death, the keeper of the book of life and the eternal banquet he who reigns over everything under the sun, truly magnificent one destined for even greater feats, but all he is is begotten from me, for I am Ra.

A tale of sorrows, a tale of lifetimes, love that is destined to be shall surely be and even though many forever seek to twaddle it, fate will always correct itself, the more crafty they become the better it gets at destroying all that they have planned and maybe with a little bit of push from fate love will serve it purpose.

Twelve lifetimes, twelve reincarnations ruler of Maat continues to reign, his flame unable to quench, eternally burning, unable to transcend for all those who seek the Eternal Banquet, no matter how much they try to perfect his flames, his will forever remain his own and his fate has always lead him to his death at the hand of another, only to be reincarnated again truly embodying all that I am, and yet his story unfolds again.

The sun god who had lived through twelve lifetimes, is now back for a thirteenth time and this time his flames burn brightly but never harshly, he had a subtlety to him and was adored by all who stand beneath him, he reigned over all and the idea of Maat truly superseded that of all and peace and magic began to reign within his realm.

Like a ghost that has captivated his mind and his past, the sun god heard of a flying female hero that saved a bunch of orphans and finally brought an end to the selling of a highly addictive drug by the Bacchus Family of the Eneats tribes of Sky nation deep within the land of the unseen and in that moment he thought of the story of the flying duchess the girl who came with only a dance and even before he knew it his mind was captivated by the hero who saved the orphans in sky nation, the sun god devised a plan to bring every prospective lady to where he resides in the capital city of maat, the sun god told his court of magistrate and kingmakers it was time for him to choose an empress that would rule beside him within this eternal realm of his and they were very pleased with his decision and passed the message to every ruling family.

That those who feel worthy should bring their daughter hand in marriage, many accepted the offer throughout his entire realm and as 178 of them presented themselves, none of them pleased him, none them had what he was looking for, the sun god stood up from his throne about to give up on the entire thing when she entered beauty beyond his imagination, with dark coils cascading down her shoulder up to her waist, adorned with all sort of jewelry, stood straight with firm strides yet feminine, a goddess in making and creation, she was what he wanted he wanted, he could see it in her eyes, the need to stand firm against any odds.

Escorted by the army of Anubis she entered without a smile and bowed to him “Tabitha of the House of Ra” one of the noblest families in his realm priding themselves descendants of the first phoenix, and of all the princesses and empresses that stood before him that day the sun god picked only her and her offering to him will be presented after three months of courtship and the sun god accepted their offer.

As days pass the sun god took his time to get to know Tabitha but even after all his antics she stood unfazed, he who had everything now wanted something and that something was her love but Tabitha stayed the way she was and gave the emperor of Maat the respect he deserves always being reserved never speaking out of turn, after all, he conquered their lands in every lifetime so she saw him as another ruler corrupted by the power he possessed, but to her surprise, two months passed and the sun god never changed from his antics, he became, even more, freer and playful around her.

She never knew why he picked her of all people, she who was sent to Maat because her family were tired of her onslaught and her extracurricular activities, or was it because of her name, does he seek the power of Ra, she wondered and wondered and finally decided to ask him.

“Why are you like this around me, do you not fear what people might say,” she asked and the sun god looked at the horizon then her back.

“I will never, and I just feel like I’ve known you for an eternal lifetime”

Tabitha’s heart skip a beat as she decides to bid him farewell for the night, she slept that night and asked if she felt the way she feels by morning then by my name destiny shall ensure itself, and oh how fate has always cherished and favored my daughter and has always lead her every time to the one she is destined to be with and destined to save, and with the rise of the morning sun, Tabitha arose from her sleep and all she could think of was the sun god.

Two weeks pass as the day of the offering presentation grew closer and Tabitha and the sun god grew closer beyond expectations and from the depth of the heart of men those who seek to destroy this newfound connection began to whisper for their demise.

With the impending darkness, Tabitha felt a need to protect the skies even though she was not in the land of the unseen she wanted to see the kind of life people at Maat were living since they are to be her subjects, Tabitha disguised as flying duchess sneaked out at night and hovered around Maat checking upon all those who slumbered protecting the vast empty sky above them but to her surprised a man sat atop a pyramid in that night looking at nothing in particular but the abnormality with his inhumane magical energy pulled her towards him and the closer she got the closer his image became more clear and to her surprise, it was the sun god, the moment he saw her his eyes lit up excitedly as he began to levitate towards her but realizing she was dressed like a masked hero, she turned and fly as fast as she could hoping she could lose him.

The sun god’s brown knotted In confusion as he chased her, but just before the horizon of the desert a huge wave of dark energy hits her as her abilities malfunction and down to earth she came crashing, the sun god rescued her and returned back to the palace but the moment she woke up and realize he wasn’t watching she vanished again and the sun god just stood there stunned beyond reason.

Eventually, the day of the offering came and Tabitha finally showed herself to the sun god after clearly avoiding him for three days and as she strides into his throne room one of the kingmakers stood up to accept the offering but she said she only had a dance to present and the whole throne room erupted.

“How dare she? Does she know who she is marrying, how dare she looked down on the Emperor of Maat”

They all voiced their thoughts out but the sun god just looked at them fiery gaze only known to the fury of his other lifetimes.

“Who gave you all the right to speak before me or do you all think yourself more special and important than I who has everything and needs no one”

The whole throne room went silent as they all tremble in fear and Tabitha just smiled and began her dance and with a beautiful finish, the sun god shook his head and with a smile he stood up his throne and walked down to the floor where she stood and a symphony could be heard eons away, tales of a seamstress telling the entangled and entwined fates.

“I’ve always known you are the flying duchess” he whispered into her ear as she froze in shock “don’t worry” he chuckled “I still love you just the way you are, perfect and beautiful before all, only your grace can weaken the brightness of my soul”.

The emperor who ruled over everything and everyone and the hero who protects everyone became once more entwined in their dance and the sacred dance bonded them even more powerful this time and the union of the Emperor and his Empress shone brightly upon the horizon as they lived happily ever after.

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