Epistimones: The Prophecy

Epistimones: The Prophecy
With every heart beat against his chest, it felt like the giant that was behind him was inching closer and closer to them. His mind raced through all the knowledge he had acquired in his life as he tried to find that one route that will lead them out of this situation… and there it was.

His very own spider thread, hanging down from the hellish situation of his own making.

Epistimones is a fantasy story about Victor Ross, a human much like a modern-day scientist who is tossed around a world filled with Orcs, Giants, and Elves in his desire for a normal life. His knowledge ends up placing him at the center of everything but his good nature keeps pushing him to accomplish more and more… and his existence itself turns out to be a threat that even he himself, couldn’t have imagined.

The story starts off with Victor Ross traveling north in search of greener pastures when he meets a damsel in distress. Much like any other gentleman, he swoops to the rescue but not before basking in his superior position and lording it over her. The damsel turns out to be Giant food and he ensures the wrath of the Giant by saving her and they are left with no choice but to run away.

The story moves on as his mysterious damsel turns out to be an Elf and his turmoil in the hands of other races begins.

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