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Evil Forest


At a time of great sorrow in the humble lands of Africa, a phenomenon was taking place. Children were being born, children who could see and do things that others couldn’t… whenever anyone touched, insulted or so much as looked down at anyone of these children, an unlikely accident befell them…

The people of the community believed this to be a bad thing and started to kill any child who showed signs of such powers from a young age. This was working but they could not kill the spirits who roamed around these children…

In their quest to rekindle their bond with the gifted, the spirits started to stay away from such children till they reached a certain age in their attempt to save them, but when they approached them and tried to explain things much later, most of them ran away… and some didn’t.

The ones who didn’t run were begged by the spirits, to create a place where they could coexist in harmony… but they who had grown up with their abilities while living among their people knew that only those who saw the world like them could fully accept such a thing… so they spent the next many years of their lives, plotting…

At last, they decided their priority was to first stop the killings of talented children… in this endeavor, they had to allow the community to kill one more talented child so they could use that as an excuse to teach them a lesson

After the child was killed, the spirits rained calamities and horrors on the villagers and their neighbors until their hearts were weak and soaked in fear. Nobody was safe…

That’s when the gifted kids, now men, stepped up to take the lead. They claimed that they were quite acquainted with the spirits. They told the people that they would go and negotiate with the spirits and come back with good news, which they easily did…

They said the spirits would leave them be if they sent every child from now henceforth into a particular section of the forest and came no further nor entered the place… the village people happily agreed and quickly put that into practice

The talented men who discussed with the spirits came to be known as oracles and were revered by the people as their saviors and wise ones

Meanwhile, the spirits got what they wanted as well and lived with their friends in peace and solitude within the forest only aiding the villagers when they presented a gift, the rarer and harder it was to get, the more pleased they felt. As they enjoyed watching the once-mighty humans do their bidding…

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