Falling Hands

In the lands of “Falling hands” the friendly Zombies backsides are always bent over, picking up their hands. Zombies are not passionate hand shakers because of their constitution but the zombies in this town don’t care about that, they shake each other and let their hands fall elegantly and pick them up with pride.

The morning news anchor rattled on as little Billy listened excitedly, eating his breakfast as quickly as he could in preparation for school. The early morning segment ended at 8:00 am and that’s when the school bus arrived.

Billy picked up his bag and stood at the door watching the news with anxious eyes. As the last of the lines escaped the anchor’s mouth, Billy’s Uncle Raul who was extremely large raised him from the ground with his backpack and threw him at the starting bus.

Billy flew, headfirst into the bus through an open window and could hear his uncle squeal a little “goal!” before the bus started to move. Billy got up and sat down, barely able to calm himself down, he tapped the ground impatiently while sitting.

The ride was long but he soon arrived at school and rushed to go join his friends who were already on the playing ground. He ran swiftly across school grounds and his friends got up and prepared themselves for his relentless efforts in staying the “Falling Hands” champion.

The first one ran forward and got ready for a high five, just before they met, Billy moved to the left and he, to the right and then they shook. The grounds went quiet as Billy’s friend’s hand spanned three times before hitting the ground.

The second and last immediately followed suit and tried to win with numbers but Billy didn’t back down, he stepped up and took them both on, one on each hand. The impact was stronger than the first, it was a trick to make him let down his guard but it failed. Billy stood, victorious at the end.

The crowd cheered as Billy remained the “Falling Hands Champion” for another day. At lunch, each class brought their snack contribution to the champion of their school which Billy accepted, gratefully.

Billy was picked up later by his aunt and uncle, his dead parent’s marriage anniversary was today and they always took him out on memorable days, his parents had created this home for them after all.

Billy was taken to a dinner where he was allowed to order anything he wanted off the menu but while munching down happily, he noticed another girl, slightly older than him run into the bathroom. He wanted to ignore it till he noticed that she had gone into the men’s bathroom, not the ladies.

At first, he remained seated since he was still eating. By the time he was done, she was still not out yet… he finally gave in and decided to go and check.

He pushed open the door, cautiously and slowly, not making a sound and caught her putting away something inside her pocket. She shirked when she saw him and he raised his two palms to show her he was harmless. This made her laugh….

It was good for Billy, so they allowed him to hang out with his new friend for the rest of the day and left him with some cab money to get home. Even a child could ride the dead train nowadays in Falling Hands.

Billy and his new friend played and shared so much that day and strengthened their friendship but Billy left for home very sad that day… he had not managed to beat her in Falling Hands. Her hand never fell… so he felt like a loser.

Meanwhile, agent “Shiela” Billy’s female friend had sneaked out of Falling Hands that night and was reporting back to base. She had thrown the ear she stole in the lost but found and was going to report “Nothing Unusual!” on this location. She would never allow her friend to get caught, they were rivals.

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