Fated but Fateless


At one point I never knew 

It will all come crashing down 

My domain birthed 

In an everlasting light 

I enjoyed the peace

And dwelled within its harmony 

The fairies were always on their shoes 

And fates were entwined perfectly fine 

A golden age of gods and heroes 

Forgetten from the bowels of creation 

Man has finally given his best shot 

And it came, his time came

The first king, his time came 

And his time passed 

And balance was retored 

Yet the blood of a universal goddess 

Had to be spilled 

Envy festers greed 

But when the changing times came 

I never knew it would all come crashing down 

I never thought it would be that bad 

You see, this story would have 

been told differently

if i was not who I was 

Many have searched for 

what to believe in,

Lifetimes over lifetimes 

Hardship upon Hardship 

And yet at the end of the day 

They unlikely succeed in their endeavors 

To achieve that one truth, that one purpose 

Many have yearned for that 

Which i have possessed 

My need for solitude 

Calls forth my turmoil 

Erases my rage in servitude

Destiny has charted my course

And I have walked upon it

My beliefs are that which are mine

And my purpose is embedded within

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