Flames of Prometheus

It was the summer of 1960 L.A, the heat, the cruise, the booze and the jazz, everybody enjoyed those sorts of things but there were those things that stayed hidden, in the dark with cultists lurking the night and supremacists claiming righteousness, it was a year like every other. A secret patriarchal family truly dedicated to the Executioners way had just discovered the mango Beti and the owl of Solomon, an everlasting dream of their centuries of research and study, generations of sacrifices upon sacrifices, but alas a dream fulfilled but not yet complete, in other to create what they actually wanted they needed the help of two great individuals, the Blacksmith and the Epistimones.

The two of them who might as well be regarded as the worst of worsts of those destined and fated to dream and create, if care is not taken it might be even more dangerous to put them in a room together, but what needed to be done had to be done, so they decided to play upon the ego of these men who were universes and timelines apart, in other for them to unleash their curse upon that which they create and create what they ultimately seek in their arrogance and pride, a way to change man’s reality with an eye that sees it all.

Five Years later finally the time has come and these men have accepted the invitation from his world, they came drawn by destiny as they sat for weeks and weeks, discussing and getting to know one another, they both believed that in other to create an instrument of such magnitude they were meant to be in sync.

They reached the lab and met the family, The Prometheus clan was what they called themselves, they told the both of them what they wanted to create in detail, they called it ‘The Prometheus chip’, something capable of changing reality, it was a powerful weapon, they knew that nobody understood that more than them, so they took the two items and started crafting and with both of their great intellectual prowess they were able to create it, a super magical computer AI with a mind and feeling of its own analysis and after rewriting the fate of a bird that was supposed to die, they became quite fulfilled but also quite drunken with the power of what they had created.

The both of them knew the true extent of its power when its wielded by its own chosen owner, among all the things they hid and all the things they didn’t tell the family, contended with their actions they both went back home in separate ways never to meet again as one thought bothered them and a million others.

What was actually the reason the Prometheus clan wanted that weapon, which war were they preparing to fight. They both thought about it and realised that the one ultimate possibility was to fight them and all they are destined to achieve even before it happens, a war upon them, a war upon all they stood for and will create they both chuckled they’ve birthed a demon in existence that will lead to the demise of many, but deep down they were contented for they knew they were only men and fate was far stronger than any man’s tiny squabbles.

After a while they both reported the Prometheus clan to the head of the executioners guild in both their regions but when the executioners reached where the family were they were nowhere to be found, the Prometheus clan had vanished from the gaze of the gods and that of the executioners but only if fate were that kind.

The Prometheus crew travelled and travelled until they were at the edges of the greater universe where the stars were few and men were still learning what it meant to be, they unleashed the Prometheus chip but even they couldn’t have foreseen its true capabilities, fate can not be changed, it can only be written upon and only when men know their place can they stop to reach for the heavens and then the curse of the blacksmith will never come to be and the first king will never be, now that was the true calling of the Prometheus clan, and now with the power of the chip, it unleashed a barrier so powerful that will of Solomon came to be and man and the supernatural remained forever separated, and the age of worlds began where men lived for himself in universes and worlds and the Prometheus clan paid in penance with their separation where they remain in the shadows of the worlds within the Solomon’s Veil forever stopping the influence of those who dream and create.

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