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For Me 2


The boy picked the blue spirit and they stood side by side smiling as they waved the yellow spirit goodbye.

After the yellow spirit had left, the blue spirit vanished as well and watched over the man from afar using his large perception to answer his other patrons.

He ran a little and gave the go-ahead for the man to start up on his journey.

As he carried on, assured, he suddenly began to doubt, the blue spirit rushed to take out the doubt from the man’s heart but man’s heart is weak and it absorbed it fully. The blue spirit then hit the yellow spirit showing his rage for the fact that he whispered, a vile act…

As the man carries on, the blue spirit checks on him often and the yellow spirit was close behind. As he hung up, the yellow spirit pounced on him and gave him another test.

The man opened his eyes terrified and woke up in a butchering house, he quickly hide and shook in fear but it came to a close faster than one would expect… The yellow spirit’s grasp on him was too weak and he vibrated in frustration.

The blue spirit called soon after and the man told him of his engagement… he was shocked but more relieved, this man had divine protection so he needed not stress

As the boy went along, with every attack, the yellow spirit came to understand that the boy wasn’t getting any weaker but stronger, this he could not see as those who had taken the oath saw the light.

The boy ventured on continuously believing in his protection and soon returned home, after a life well spent. He worried about how he would explain his discoveries to the people but was soon reminded of his oath of silence when he got to the border.

At the entrance, the blue spirit took his most powerful spoils and put them in a safe for his fu

The man choose the hero package from the many available and was given prestige, class and honour.

That’s what they all say about the once little city of humans built before we chased them back in the great collapse…

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