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For Me

So he casually betrayed his country and escaped to the beyond he could not yet see. The moment his legs crossed into his desire land, two larger lights appeared to him, one was Blue-ish green while the other was Redish yellow.

They told him that since he had summoned the courage to cross this land, he could go no further without guidance but for their pact, he had to pick between who would guide him, for a villain and a hero are both soldiers to the country.

He accepted and took his oath of silence, then they settled among themselves that they would each tell a story to him and he was to pick one of them after hearing both.

He accepted again, the blue spirit told him a story about a passionate soul-inspired man he had met somewhere in 4th century Asia, he told him of the early stages of humility and how he helped make that man a fortress. Then he rubbed him on the back and nodded and walked away

The yellow spirit, on the other hand, told him a tale of a boy who was given knowledge and he used that knowledge to take over a planet and he rose to power in the end.

Then he shook the man and told him that he trust he would make the right choice and left…

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