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For the Love of Another

Oh! My mistress

You who is the meaning to life

I have searched to find

But where are you?

Will you not answer the call of a broken man?

Will you not save the one you once loved?

Or was everything a joke to you?

Or has your love for another surpassed

The smallest love we consummated

Oh! My muse

Do not leave me here to die alone

For I have no other like you

A sad reality we live in

For I, can only think about you

When you can only think of another

My spirit is broken with no repair in sight

I can only think back to the old you

The you who brightened my day

Because the new you is

The heart of the tsunami

That sinks my soul

What we could have cherished

You flushed away

A story once happy now gloomy

All for the love of another…

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