Fragments 2

The buffet went on with more cheers as their once fearless leader had revealed her face and was now sitting beside Mike, holding his hand with a large smile plastered on her face.

Mike was smiling as well but he was anxious and could barely relax all throughout the celebration. After the banquet which lasted all night. The beast leader “Flora” dragged mike away from the drunken crowd back to her cave deep into the surrounding forest.

Mike followed her calmly hoping she still had what he had left in her custody.

She could feel his cold grasp on her hand and was not pleased, she remembered him as a much more active person but now his eyes and movements were that of a trained soldier, cold and precise. When they got to the cave, Flora saw no need for pleasantries and took Mike straight to the bicycle he had left with her.

Mike’s eyes widen on seeing it and instantly remembered how he had gotten to this point… Mike was born on earth and he was the son of a tactician. His father was the wisest man in town and would occasionally receive guests who were seeking his counsel.

His father loved him so much and would often keep him close by while doing his daily duties and running his business.

One faithful day, a peddler came from a town not too far from theirs and brought with him a black bicycle. He claimed to have brought it as a gift to the wise man he had heard about and trust that the wise man would find a better use for it than he had.

Mike’s father happily agreed as it was simply a bicycle and it was not unusual for him to receive such gifts. After the peddler had left, he called his son and gave him the bicycle to ride.

His son was unusual but he was his pride and joy and he believed that simple moments like this was what built character. Mike got on the bicycle as his father watched and with his first peddle, he vanished from his father’s sight and arrived in the middle of no-where…

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