Fragments 3

The boy chuckled a little but after gazing at his surroundings, this had to be a joke. His only option and peddled again but this time he ended in the middle of a battle between two giant lizards and one giant frog.

The two lizards circled around the frog which he was in front of and one went low while the other jumped at the frog cornering it.

Mike in his abject despair peddled as fast as he could out of fear and in doing so crossed endless dimensions.

Everything that wasn’t his home, he peddled past hoping for relief soon as his legs were getting tired. He had been at it for only who knows long and fatigue was starting to spread to his failing legs.

Mike was no longer looking for his home but a quiet place he could rest for a while and hopefully get some food which he found soon after…

The surroundings looked deserted and the few people he could see around looked harmless so he pushed his bicycle behind a rock and parked it and was about to go make contact when he heard a ‘cling’ sound behind him and turned to see Flora getting on the bike before he could utter the words for her to stop, she had vanished with his only way back home.

Mike was devastated, he had seen enough to understand how impossible it would be for her to find him and that’s why he had been unable to let go of her hand since he met her.

Others saw it as love at first sight but for him, it was fear… fear of feeling that despair once more but Flora didn’t see it that way, she simply believed her home planet or dimension had broken the frail pampered boy and had made a man out of him, she was overjoyed. She could finally share her secret with the man of her dreams, the mysterious boy from another dimension.

Mike’s eyes widened on seeing the bicycle and he gently let go of her hand and staggered towards the bicycle in wobbly steps then he touched it, feeling the cold metal and fell to his knees, he then began to chuckle to himself at the absurdity of his situation. Flora felt jealous, losing his attention and spoke the words she knew he wanted to hear the most in a pout-ish manner

“I know how you can get back home…” she said

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