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Fragments 4


Mike pretended not to hear her and Flora knew he did, so she yelled it again “I KNOW HOW YOU CAN GET HOME!”

“SHUT UP!” Mike yelled back at her “This thing doesn’t go back’ he said “I tried” he added angrily in a lower voice. “My father, my home, I lost it all thanks to you. So you’re the last person I want to hear talks about home from or are you going to stand there and act like you don’t know what it means to be a mercenary in your world… or the horrors I went through to acquire this thing” he said raising his gun “or the pains I had to endure to be able to use it for this long” his voice was normal now but his words carried more weight

After Flora vanished with the bike, Mike was hunted by the locals he thought were harmless for food. They turned out to be cannibals and would gladly eat any who were not their own, he killed for the first time barely thirty minutes into this dimension… and a few hours later, he had laid an entire clan to waste. Mike was devastated, he never guessed that among all things he had a talent for, killing would be one of them. He had even tried to let one of them go if he could give him some information on where he could find shelter and a normal life but the person tried to attack him when he turned his back and he ended up stabbing him to protect himself.

Mike’s eyes were empty, he just wanted to go home and as he walked the deserted lands heading west, following the only piece of info he had gotten from his last assailant, he came upon a large valley.

A small group of men stood at the entrance conversing and trying their best to edge each other on, none of them wanted to be the first to enter.

Mike wanted to avoid them at first but he simply hid his knife behind him and walked towards them in the most casual manner. The man he killed had told him “There is no shelter here… but if you seek the means to acquire shelter for yourself then head towards the fragments, they’ll provide you protection”

Mike knew a lie when he heard one and those words were the honest truth so he had followed them here and he wasn’t turning around for anyone even this small group of miscreants.

“Hello” Mike said as he got closer to them and he noticed they were starting to stare at him suspiciously “I’m here for a fragment, I mean no harm” he barely understood what he was saying but he hoped he was making sense

“Oh, another darer” one said and they all heaved a sigh of relief

“If you’re that confident why don’t you lead the way” one of the braver looking ones had said and they all seemed to agree as none of them said anything afterwards

“Here” one of them said after a short silence handing him what appeared to Mike as a gun “you’ll need it” he added and stepped aside so Mike could go into the alley

Mike didn’t know what was going on so he just thanked them and went in… that was the worst decision he had ever made

Fragments were pieces of fire spirits that had lost battles atop this alley, that’s why they called it “The fragmented Valley” it was a place to get a familiar spirit to help you but it was also a place where lost spirits found vessels to rise up again and return to the phoenix king for rebirth.

Mike came from an advanced civilization but they were peaceful so they didn’t need guns, the best model they had was a classic revolver and even those were only used in contests. This made Mike the worst match for what he went through but he survived. The burning feeling of having your blood boiled before each response from his familiar and to lead a clan this far… he had truly seen and felt it all and Flora’s words were insulting that… he couldn’t even look at her

Flora on the other hand, had gone home, she had met his dad and was sent by his dad to bring him home and he wasn’t going to hear anything she had to say but she wasn’t going back empty-handed. “Let me show you” she said pulling him by the hand and getting on the bicycle “stop…” he said weakly, just the sight of the bicycle had reminded him of sooo much and he was already exhausted.

“I’ll take you back” she added and with quick spins, she peddled backwards and before long they were back home. She let go of his hand and he stood there speechless… “I’m home” he whispered to himself…

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