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War continued endlessly in the abandoned continent, guns got cheaper and cheaper each day as the war intensified.

Mike was the leader of his small gang of mercenaries and they had never lost a single man in battle, this served as indisputable proof of their strength and efficiency.

They were a friendly bunch but they loved war and the thrill that came with it.

On one of their journeys, they found a small settlement ruled by beast-like men that rode little dragon creatures.

Mike’s clan shivered in excitement as they surveyed the town from a distance. To tame themselves, they waited for the sun to take its last breath and hide behind the mountains before they took their cloaks and waltz into town hoping someone would pick a fight with them.

The beast-like people on the other hand simply ignored them and continued their activities. The clan noticed that they had night vision and the threat they had intended to make was meaningless and laughable to them. After spending a few weeks in this new town, job offers started to come in. The beast people were hunters so they were always welcoming help, Mike’s clan found the hunts far more exhilarating than anything they had ever faced and before long, they made this new town their home.

Not once had they met the leader of the beast-men but the moment they made clear their intention to stay behind it became a must.

So that night, a buffet was held and the beast people ran around making preparations. They offered Mike’s clan a change of clothes and decorative pieces of jewellery, their leader was an extreme beast that would never see poorly dressed men and they liked Mike and his companions enough to share.

When night finally came, the beast-men began to beat and play all sorts of instruments, waking their leader.

The air shook with every sound and the leaves swooned to their melody. Mike and his clan felt a chill run down their spine as the music came to a sudden stop!

They were told to keep their heads down and they did so as bells began to drink in the silence and the sound of clothes dragging on the ground echoed through the gathering.

When the leader was seated, each one of Mike’s men were pulled one by one to swear their loyalty and each was bestowed a warrior name.

When it got to Mike’s turn, he followed his guide through the crowd with his eyes glued to the ground. On getting there, he bent down and took a knee waiting for his new name. The leader stood up and placed her hand on Mike’s shoulder and with her small voice, she said.

“You may stand Mike, How’ve you been?”

Mike froze as he recognized the voice… she jumped on him as he raised his head to see who was in front of him.

The hug was nice so he hugged back. He had once searched for this girl he was holding and here she was and for the first time, he smiled.

Perhaps his adventure had come to an end at this point, he thought silently to himself…

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