In the vast sea of existence, a new hangout spot has just been opened “Galactus” they called it, and sometimes, mother universe likes to take some time off and relax. Although it’s black hole season, she’ll manage. Time hasn’t been too kind on her lately.

She drops off at the spot and quickly goes in. Among other universal goddesses and beings of great might. She takes a number, swings her hair, and grabs a seat in the waiting area.

Everyone that passed her was forced to look twice, she was no child, major gods resided within her and most of them were still very young. After a few minutes of causing havoc, she was directed to her seat. She was pampered and treated to her liking for the next few hours.

When all was done and lady universe was done, she got ready to leave and as always, she was sent off with sad smiles. There was no way someone wouldn’t try to steal from her on her way back home.

Lady universe waved the last of her friends’ goodbye and walked back into the vast empty space.

She smiled and clenched together, the full speed of her stars and speed across the various beings and on-looking entities that sought dominance over her and her companions. The full blast burned brilliantly across the nothingness.

She felt a strong pull on her arm after three jumps but was still able to yank away. As she got closer to her home, she felt welcomed and stronger… and with a glorious spin and dive, she jumped back into her space and expanded. Holding existence in its place. But even in her rest, adventure resides within her….

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