Gifted 2

Lost to the title of god, a now blind man roams the world doing the biddings of foreign gods

On his travels, he is led by pulls from different directions. At first, he thinks this is his fate and there is nothing he can do about it but one thing plagues him. He was led from town to town which he could only tell apart through his sense of smell and in each town, he was told to thrust his staff forward and when he did all he could hear in return were screams. Little did he know that he had become a famous advocate of death as he went around harvesting souls of entire towns.

Before long, after a few massacres, he got fed up and started to challenge his oppressors.

‘What did I do wrong?’ he asked vehemently ‘all I did was pick up a staff that wasn’t mine!’ he yelled in protest. And for the first time, the gods were silent.

‘My sight…’ he said to the image of the gods behind his eyelids ‘I want to go back home’ he added

They finally answered after a moment of silence ‘then let go of the staff and we’ll send you back’ they said

‘You will?’ the boy asked ‘yes’ they replied

As he let go of the staff, he could see a smile on the faces of his oppressors but he didn’t care and as his sight returned, in front of him stood a man with long white hair and a long black hat on top of his head and he was holding the staff the boy had let go of

‘Why did you let go, boy?’ he asked calmly

The boy took a moment to regain his composure, it had been so long since he had seen anything ‘Get that away from me’ he said to the man quickly noting the staff. As the boy took a few steps back trying to get as far away from the staff as possible, the man held his hand tightly and pulled him back towards himself.

‘It’s yours’ he said sternly to the boy ‘don’t give your souls to mere miscreants’ he added

‘Souls?’ the boy said looking around, there were more bodies scattered all around laying on the ground, around town. As the boy took in this bewildering sight, the man took the staff and broke it in two and from it emerged three balls of light. They were the three spirits that had been mimicking gods, taking advantage of the boy.

They took off and tried to run as fast as they could but the man grabbed them just in time ‘EAT!!!’ he yelled at the shocked boy, shovelling the spirits into his mouth.

He had no time to collect himself and swallowed on instinct. When he did, the man let him go and he fell on his butt. That’s when he noticed his body had grown quite a bit

How long had it been? He could not tell day from night and had lost track of time for so long.

‘I had heard of a prospective apprentice but to think it was something like this…’ the man said looking down at the staff.

‘What…’ the boy tried to ask but was at a loss for words. The man in return simply laughed and shook his head then said ‘Come with me, I’ll teach you how to be a proper bloodhound’

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