The soul of rebellion can always be found within the masses…

One cold night, a group of sorcerers from across the sea wandered around a green land beaming with vegetation. They came across a primitive civilization and with the aid of gestures they were able to communicate with them.

The people became very acquainted with them but they still refused to allow them to enter their village, instead they directed them to a section of their land.

A guide was assigned to lead them there and they happily followed. On their way their guide stopped and pointed forward, he then turned and went back.

They were confused but this was also an adventure and that’s what they were here for.

Resolving themselves, they pushed forward. As they walked forward they pulled out the various instruments they had hidden in their bags.

One held a sword, inhabited by a spirit of light. Another held a golden shield, inhabited by a spirit of sound and the last held a staff that united them all. Little did they know that they were waltzing into the ‘evil forest

As they came closer and closer to the centre, the spirits and their companions got ready to chase them back

The spirits knew of them and decided to take the form of a three-headed dog which they easily did.

As the three men moved slowly through the high grass, on guard. A large three-headed dog jumped out of nowhere and roared. The one with the staff was leading the charge and the sudden appearance of this beast shocked him the most and he let go of his staff as they turned around and ran away.

The spirits waited till they were out of sight before they dispersed, laughing.

A boy who had followed the spirits when he heard there was an intruder was hiding in the bushes and he came out and ran for the staff. As he held it, the spirits rushed to stop him but he vanished and appeared before gods he did not recognise.

They asked him ‘Do you wish to become the next wielder of that staff?’

The boy froze, he had simply grown tired of the evil forest and wanted a way out so he had desperately clung to anything from the outside world.

‘I don’t know’ he said weakly

‘What?” the three gods asked him in unison

‘I don’t want to go back’ he said clearly out of fear

The gods felt his pain and decided to send him on a journey, promising that they would come to his aid when he needed it as long as he held the staff close by. The boy was happy and he thanked them and headed out.

The previous wielder of the staff found him during his travels and cursed him…

After he lost the staff, the three gods had hunted him day and night and his two friends could do nothing for him so they eventually left him behind. He had no choice but to cross the sea again and find his staff but when he got there, the staff was gone but he had found something else. The spirits had offered him a deal. If he found and cursed their escapee then they would protect him in return.

He laughed at the boy as he vanished, welcomed as part of the evil forest.

The boy immediately called on his three protective gods but they didn’t respond. He yelled and yelled their names again and again then he suddenly couldn’t see anything, he waved his hand in front of his eyes but couldn’t see them, ‘was he blind?’ he thought then he heard their voice

‘Continue the journey’ they said in unison. It had taken this long for the boy to remember how mischievous the gods could and as he moved his legs, walking forward he wept silently. He began to regret where his curiosity had led him to.

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