A long time ago, a Chinese emperor was having a serious dilemma. Their economy was dying, markets, products, services were all failing and he needed a way out.

One day while he was taking a leisure stroll around his province, he saw an old friend of his. This man was rich, in a dead economy filled with poverty a single man and his compatriots were thriving.

The emperor was curious so he told his carriage to stop and he went on his own and knocked on the man’s door.

He answered but he didn’t seem shocked in the least as if he was expecting him. He welcomed him in the best way possible and the emperor was amazed. He could hardly believe his eyes, the ma’s house was grander than his palace and all he could ever imagine and more filled the large hallways, he needn’t be told as he knew this was something he could not own.

So he decided to plead for help instead. The young man laughed at the emperor’s humility and happily agreed. He offered the emperor a word of advice instead. He said that if he goes to the next town he would find something even better than what he saw in his residence, the emperor thanked him and left happily.

The young man continued to prosper and the emperor went on his journey both seeking what they each want in their own way, on their own path, never crossing again.

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